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Andrew Solecki
Proactive Life Management Consultant

A hypnotherapist and life coach, Andrew is passionate about helping people who’ve lost their sense of direction in life, or who need to break free from self-limiting beliefs.


Diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
Accredited life coach.
NLP master practitioner.


In his own words

What is Proactive Life Management?

• Are you held back by limiting beliefs?

• Are you stuck in destructive relationships?

• Have you lost your sense of direction?

• Do you have more ‘storms’ than calm periods?

• Do you want to be more in control of your life?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions then maybe it’s the result of past experiences, limiting beliefs, self-doubt or fear that can trigger the two, potentially destructive, ways we react.

These are habitual and reactive, and can prevent you from living the life you desire.

Habitual: Learned behaviour.

If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get the same result. So, it follows that if things aren’t changing for you then you need to change what you are doing!

There’s only one thing that stops you from becoming the person you want to be, and you can choose to stop doing that at anytime. What you are and where you are is a combination of all the choices and decisions you’ve made up to now. So, if your life is not how you want it to be then do something different. There can often be underlying reasons why we act in a ‘set’ way. Then our behaviour is...

Reactive: Subconscious programming.

Everything in life, including you and me, starts with a thought. So it follows that the quality of our thoughts will determine our experiences. However, our thoughts are often influenced by limiting beliefs which are frequently born out of subconscious programming from an early age, or in some cases a past life. What starts out as a very positive and worthwhile idea can soon be corrupted as the same old negative thoughts creep in from our subconscious and convinces us we cannot do things. By stopping that reaction and changing your response you will change your life.

How can I help you?

Whatever the root cause of your reactive response, using a variety of techniques I can encourage, inspire and empower you to unlock your true potential and take control of your life.

Together we will develop a practical and achievable plan and arm you with the tools to make it happen

You want your life to change, so let's make it happen.

Talk Now
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If you would like a consultation, I'll be glad to help. You can make an appointment to talk by phone with me by calling

0800 063 1532

My colleague will arrange your call and take payment details.

Consultations can be booked for 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min.

The 0800 063 1532 booking number is available from 8am to 1am, seven days a week.