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Angela Smyth
Professional Change Coach

Angela’s a qualified life coach and personal performance coach specialising in all aspects of change, including redundancy, retirement, bereavement, relationships and caring for ageing relatives. Skilled in training and development, she’s also a certified NLP practitioner.


Qualifications in Life Coaching & Personal Performance; Counselling; Training; & Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Background in public services, healthcare & businesses assessment & support (including Investors In People & NVQ awards assessor)
12 years in independent practice


I'm an expert who specialises in:

  • Help to manage change on an individual or organisational level
  • Advice on career change: Executive & Career coaching; managing retirement; steps after redundancy
  • Support for changes in your relationships: ageing parents; bereavement; break up; separation & divorce
  • Advisor on change management for the public, private & voluntary sector including implementing sustainable strategies

In her own words

Hello, I’m Angela Smyth and I am a qualified Life Coach and Personal Performance Coach specialising in all aspects of how to manage change. I work with both individuals and organisations, on career issues like changing jobs, retirement, redundancy, and business planning. I work with individuals around relationships, such as those with ageing parents, or moving through a break up, a separation or a divorce. Then there is my expert work around the effects of bereavement. Having personal experience in these areas means that I fully understand how it feels. Sometimes it is not possible to talk to a loved one, friend or colleague about what is happening in your life. This is where Greatvine comes into its own. With a simple phone call, I can still help you to find an effective solution, a way forward and ways to keep a balance in your life while dealing with the challenges life throws your way.

I have always been a ‘people person’ and was naturally drawn to work in services in the public and health sector for many years. I trained as a Counsellor and qualified as a Trainer, always developing my interpersonal skills further along the way. I later became a specialist Business Advisor and Assessor, providing advice and support to many businesses and individuals coping with change over a period of 15 years. I helped a portfolio of 40 clients to achieve Investors in People status plus assessed many more. This included schools; organisations within the care and health sector; and businesses ranging from small owner managed businesses right through to multi national corporations. And as an NVQ Assessor, I worked to help Care Home Managers achieve the Registered Managers Award status required by new legislation.

My own life has been full of the inevitable ups and downs we all face, through marriage and relationships, relocation, two episodes of redundancy, divorce, coping with my ageing relatives and of course bereavement. During these times I found the support of others to be invaluable, including that of a personal coach. I was then drawn towards qualifying as a Life and Personal Performance Coach before going on to qualify as an NLP Practitioner.

I believe that facing changes and setting ourselves new challenges helps us to achieve even greater heights than we ever expected and to truly be the person we are every day. Whether you are interested in help to manage change on a personal level, or working within an organisation facing change, I can offer you seasoned expert advice. Call me at Greatvine for a responsive specialist service from someone ‘on your side’ every step of the way.


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0800 063 1532

From £15.00 for 10 mins

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If you would like a consultation, I'll be glad to help. You can make an appointment to talk by phone with me by calling

0800 063 1532

My colleague will arrange your call and take payment details.

Consultations can be booked for 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min.

The 0800 063 1532 booking number is available from 8am to 1am, seven days a week.

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