10 tips to pregnancy well-being at work

Whilst you are pregnant you may be taking care of yourself in your free time, but what about the hours when you are at work? It can be a challenge between balancing the health of yourself and your baby, with the ability to keep up at work.

Here are some tips on how to stay well at work whilst you’re pregnant.

  • Sit well Good posture is crucial for giving space to your bump and allowing your organs and spine to function well. Use a lumbar support to prevent straining your back. Don’t cross your legs as this causes a strain in the pelvis. Bring your keyboard and mouse forward so that you don’t have to lean.

  • Stress High cortisol has been shown to affect the outcome of pregnancy. Make sure that you don’t take on too much, keep perspective and get support from your employer and your team. Prioritise your time, delegate what you don’t have to do and lighten up!

  • Listen to your body It’s all too easy whilst concentrating, to ‘live in your head’ but what about the body processes that are at work all the time? Simply direct your breath to different parts of your body and you will instantly gain awareness.

  • Eat well Choose high protein foods and avoid foods that cause a slump in energy levels. Eat smaller but more frequent meals so that you maintain your blood sugar.

  • Move However good your setup, we are designed to move. Make sure you are up and about from your desk every 30 -45 minutes. Get some fresh air, take short walks, and stretch.

  • Rest this is not the time to push yourself. Whilst it is important to stay active, be aware of when you need to take it easy. Listen to your own body, and try not to prove too much.

  • Celebrate your senses Pregnancy is a time of heightened senses. If your workplace is a little uninspiring, have an image that is evocative of well-being by your desk, use natural products that feel good on your skin, and tickle your tastebuds with delicious and healthy snacks.

  • Doze catnaps can be deeply restorative. Find a bench or quiet space at lunch times and have a little slow down. You’ll find that you are more productive if you give yourself 15 minutes to perk yourself up for the afternoon.

  • Switch it off Minimize time at the computer when you don’t need to be on it. Particularly watch smartphone use. It’s much harder to relax if you overuse the gadgets and gizmos.

  • Rejig your day organize your time so that the tasks that need more focus are performed when you have most energy. Leave repetitive tasks for times when you don’t require as much energy.

Written by

Avni Trivedi
Osteopath, Zero Balancer & Doula

Avni is an osteopath who specialises in treating pregnant women and babies. She can help with common problems including postural issues and discomfort during pregnancy, unsettled or fractious babies and colic. Avni helps women enjoy their pregnancy. She leaves people feeling calm and centred.