10 Top Tips For Choosing Childcare

There are many options when it comes to choosing childcare for your children, do you go for nursery care or childminders? Here are my top ten tips for looking at childcare.

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Sue Mann is an Independant Early Years Consultant, here she has some top tips for making that important decision on childcare if and when you return to work.

10 Top Tips For Choosing Childcare

  1. Ask around; ask colleagues and friends who have children in childcare about their views on the providers where their children are.

  2. Decide if you are looking for a particular approach to childcare, for example do you wish you child to learn through the Montessori Approach?

  3. Check out Ofsted’s website and download the Inspection report for your chosen provider. Type in the providers EY or URN number, and download the reports. Check what recommendations have been made to improve their practice and have they had any complaints about the provision.

  4. Make an appointment to visit, visit a few different nurseries or childminders. This will give you some comparisons and help make a considered decision.

  5. Take a list of questions with you. A list of good questions to ask is available for £1.50 on my downloads.

  6. Take your child/ren with you to see how they react in the setting.

  7. Observe the interaction between staff or the childminder with your child/ren and the children who already attend.

  8. Look around at the facilities and the resources, are they in good repair, and clean?

  9. What are the security arrangements at the setting to ensure that your child/ren will be safe at the setting? Is there a security door? CCTV?

  10. Talk to the staff, Are they warm and friendly and do they seem knowledgeable about children and their development?

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Sue Mann
Early Years Consultant

With 25 years experience in childcare, Sue is passionate about helping children, parents, carers and childcare practitioners. Her main focus is how parents and carers can engage with their children through play.