How Me Time Can Make You A Better Mum

Do you ever:

  • Wonder when things will get easier?

  • Crave for some time alone?

  • Wish your life came with a pause button?

  • Feel it’s all getting a bit much?

  • Want to get away from it all?

  • Wish life could be simpler?

These thoughts and feelings are entirely normal and common to most mums. Is it really any wonder when we look at all the responsibilities we are carrying on our shoulders, making sure the family is okay and never considering our own needs? Sometimes, it really is okay to say, “Stop! I need some time out!”

Regardless of your role in life, taking time out is a vital part of dealing with the normal challenges and stressful situations with which we may be faced. Think back to the time before you had your family and all those lovely holidays you enjoyed that helped you escape from the treadmill of your working life. You were happy to take time out then, so what has changed?

Guilt is probably the answer. When we became mums, a huge helping of guilt seemed to surge into our bodies at around the same time the surgeon cut the umbilical cord! This guilt holds us back from doing so many exciting things in life and all because we fear our children might resent us if we leave them for a moment.

Enjoying essential me time should be a fundamental part of your life and part of your routine in the same way you schedule time to make up packed lunches! Why? Because enjoying essential me time provides huge benefits to mums and their families.

Me time is an opportunity to put your own needs first to do something you enjoy that enables you to unwind, relax and reinvigorate yourself.Me time is not linked to selfishness, self-indulgences or guilt.Mums by nature are carers but we often overlook ourselves. If we don’t care and nurture ourselves in the best way possible, we will burn out and who will look after the family then? You must take care of yourself because you work so hard in everything that you do.

Taking time out needn’t be expensive or elaborate. It should be something you enjoy doing.

On your return, you will be amazed at how much better you feel – and how much you appreciate your family around you. The biggest surprise will inevitably be how well everyone coped in your absence!

Taking time out will help you reconnect with yourself and your real identity. Suddenly you will feel reinvigorated and you will start to find your inner confidence again. Ultimately you will be refreshed and recharged – ready to give even more to your endless list of responsibilities!

Me time should be scheduled into your routine because it makes everything better. Being a happier, healthy and fulfilled woman will make you a more fun loving mum – someone everyone will love spending time with!

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Written by

Tracey Wall
Confidence & Self Esteem Specialist

Tracey’s skills as a confidence and self-esteem expert have helped many women and mums transform their lives. She’s also passionate about coaching female entrepreneurs to start up and grow their own successful home businesses.