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Callie Copeman-Bryant
HypnoBirthing Specialist & Doula

Callie’s an expert in HypnoBirthing. Thanks to her down-to-earth approach, over 85% of the women she’s worked with have been able to give birth with no significant pain relief.


85% of clients give birth with no need for significant pain relief during labour
Expert tutor: over 600 students including doctors, midwives & obstetricians
Regular presentations to hospitals and midwife groups
Doula training from world-renowned obstetrician Michel Odent
General Manager of the UK’s largest collaborative HypnoBirthing group; creator of Antenatal and HypnoCaesarean Programmes and self-hypnosis resources


I'm an expert who specialises in:

  • Advice on Pregnancy Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing techniques for birth
  • Birth Doula: help with a variety of different births using birth hypnosis
  • Specialist Practitioner: the HypnoBirthing programme

In her own words

More about me

Hello, I’m Callie Copeman-Bryant and I specialise in pregnancy hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques for birth, particularly the HypnoBirthing programme. I am also a Birth Doula, with years of experience supporting a variety of different births using birth hypnosis. 55% of my clients give birth with no pain relief at all, with just over 30% using gas & air only: that's over 85% of women I work with feeling no need for significant pain relief during labour. If you call me at Greatvine, I can explain how these techniques can help you for your pregnancy and of course for the birth itself.

I first trained as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner in 2007. Over the years I’ve had clients travel for my expert advice from all over the UK and various places in Europe. One of the reasons people choose to work with me is because of my down-to-earth approach to birth and psychology. I'm not into magical thinking, and prefer uncomplicated, scientific fact. For that reason I am often asked to work closely with midwives and maternity units, and welcome many medical professionals onto my courses. I focus on help to give birth without conflict, rather than seeing the medical profession as the enemy. I was trained as a birth doula by world-renowned obstetrician Michel Odent, and am experienced in supporting women having natural births and medicalised births alike. None of the women I have attended in labour have so far required emergency caesarean sections or instrumental deliveries.

HypnoBirthing gives you specialist tailored techniques for a more comfortable birth experience. It aims to minimise the fear-tension-pain cycle, resulting in a shorter and more comfortable labour. It doesn’t mean going into some strange trance, or some kind of sleep - you’ll be fully alert and in full control. It’s also not a ‘belief based system’ - - it’s a practical approach that takes your body’s needs into account. You can also talk to me about the support that doulas provide. We support you and your family up to and after the birth so that you can all relax more - and all enjoy it more. All my advice and support is both emotional and practical, so please do call me at Greatvine today to find out more about help and support for every stage of your pregnancy. Until then, my best wishes,


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