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Dinaz Engineer
Parenting Counsellor

As former parenting counsellor for the UK’s national parenting charity, ParentlinePlus, Dinaz has helped hundreds of people become confident parents. She has a particular focus on building positive relationships with teenagers.


12 years experience as ParentlinePlus counsellor.
Particular focus on teenagers.
Experience training parents who have parenting orders.


My service covers all aspects of parenting with a particular focus on:

  • Teenagers, their behaviour and discipline
  • Managing a work/life balance in relation to parenting
  • Building family togetherness
  • Understanding parenting within a cultural context
  • Speaking Urdu and Gujerati
  • Parenting in an extended family/joint family context.

In her own words

From the sheer elation of holding your new baby for the first time, to the rush of pride when your teenager achieves a cherished ambition, parenting is a lifelong journey. Every parent works towards the same goal - to nurture a child into a balanced young adult, ready to take on the challenges of living and thriving in our complex modern world.

Like any journey, there are many ups and downs. You may find yourself facing a huge range of challenges - anything from a baby refusing to be fed, to a child who answers back and refuses to behave. No matter what the bump in the road, help is at hand.

As a parent of two young adults and a qualified parenting counsellor, I know this journey well. My experience not only lies in bringing up my own two children, but also in my 12 years as a counsellor for the UK’s national parenting charity, ParentlinePlus, and a trainer and facilitator on parenting courses.

Over the past decade I have qualified in, and used, tried, tested and accredited counselling techniques and the latest professional thinking - all designed to help people solve problems, change behaviours and become confident parents.

I use structured counselling to explore your circumstances in detail, identify your issues and highlight ways to make your life that much easier. This process takes place in short stages, at a pace that suits you, and my initial help leads to a set of clear actions and guidelines that you can use. We can then take this further, to turn any issue into an opportunity to improve your parenting skills.

My service covers all aspects of parenting, with a particular focus on teenagers, their behaviour and discipline, managing a work/life balance and building family togetherness.

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If you would like a consultation, I'll be glad to help. You can make an appointment to talk by phone with me by calling

0800 063 1532

My colleague will arrange your call and take payment details.

Consultations can be booked for 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min.

The 0800 063 1532 booking number is available from 8am to 1am, seven days a week.

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