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Dominic Riley
Fear of Flying Counsellor

Airline pilot Dominic has helped cure over 9,000 people of their fear of flying – including actress Whoopi Goldberg. He has over 30 years flying experience, including as a Red Arrow.


Have helped over 9,000 people overcome their fear of flying
Former Red Arrow.
Currently captain with a major international airline.


After 16 years flying and instructing on fighter aircraft with the RAF I joined the research division at DERA Farnborough (now QinetiQ). I was helping to find reasons behind decision making within the cockpit environment. This led me into into further aircraft related psychology and on joining my current airline I was recruited onto the Crew Resource Management team which is responsible for teaching pilots and cabin crew the essence of accurate and timely decision making. I have also worked with the MOD, the University Of Nottingham and the University of York.

I can help you. Please get in touch and cure your fear of flying!

In his own words

Did you know there are 10 million people in the UK with a phobia of flying? If you're worried about flying you’re certainly not alone.

A fear of flying is rational, understandable and very common. Indeed, many famous people suffer as well. I recently helped Whoopi Goldberg, who has not flown in an aeroplane for more than 12 years, to fly again. So congratulations, you’re completely normal. What I can offer you is my experience gained through over 30 years of captaining aeroplanes and over 10 years experience of actively dealing with people just like you and helping them to overcome this debilitating phobia. I am a captain with a major international airline currently flying the Airbus A340 all over the world. For the last nine years I have been teaching people to overcome their fear of flying. In this time I’ve helped cure over 9,000 people with similar concerns and fears as yours. Before I became an airline pilot I was an RAF fighter pilot for 16 years and a research pilot at DERA, Farnborough. While in the RAF I flew Phantom F4 fighters in the air defence role, I was a pilot instructor and I also spent three years flying with the Red Arrows, where I was the deputy leader, displaying to the public throughout the UK and Europe.

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