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Donna Dawson

As a resident psychologist on ITV1’s This Morning, Donna has a wealth of relationship knowledge to share – and her friendly and down-to-earth personality makes her easy to confide in.


Resident expert on ITV1’s This Morning
Agony aunt for many UK magazines


I was the agony aunt for several women's magazines, starting with Look Now magazine back in the 1980s, then moving to More for four years, and on to Company for a decade. I covered relationships, sex, love, life and health problems, and this instigated a period of intensive study of sexual problems and female health issues. Between the late 1980s and the late 1990s, I wrote many articles on these subjects for leading women's magazines and newspapers, as well as writing regularly for The Guardian health page. In 1989, inspired by my mother's death from ovarian cancer and my stepmother's survival from breast cancer, I wrote Women’s' Cancers: The Treatment Options (published by Piatkus in 1990). It covered both the conventional as well as alternative treatment options for cancers of the breast, ovaries, uterus and endometrium (lining of the womb), with the aim of helping women to take a part in the decision-making process concerning their treatment. It also covered the prevailing views of all the leading female cancer specialists in their fields. In 2006, I became the 'sex expert' on ITV’s This Morning, where I answered viewer's sexual problems, wrote information for the website and tackled sexual subjects over the course of a day's programme, or a week of programmes.

In her own words

Hi, I’m a psychologist, agony aunt, sex and relationship expert, journalist and broadcaster, with many years experience of helping people with their problems - whether through letter, telephone or face-to-face.

I appear regularly on TV and radio, whether it’s to offer advice or to discuss various social issues. I was the ‘sex expert’ on ITV’s This Morning for 2 years, and I have appeared on Big Brother's Little Brother as a relationship expert. To view some of my TV appearances go to:

I also had my own radio show on LBC in 1998 and from 1992-1997 appeared on ‘The Agony Hour’, advising people on their problems five days a week.

I’ve written for most of the women's magazines and national newspapers over the years (including The Guardian health page), and I have been the agony aunt on five different publications so there isn't much that I haven't dealt with!

Apart from that, I’m the mother of two grown-up daughters, and grandmother to five. Having experienced many modern-day family problems firsthand, I have a wealth of life experience to add to both my educational qualifications and my counselling experiences.

I’m very interested in what makes people tick, and how their backgrounds, upbringings and personalities affect the way they view their lives and their problems. My aim is to try to help people feel empowered to find their own solutions, based on re-discovering inner resources and insights that they didn't realise they had. I’m also very interested in the differences between men and women, and how these ‘differences’ are expressed in the ways that both sexes think and behave. I’d describe myself as compassionate, friendly and down-to-earth, with both insight and practical advice to offer.

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