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Dr Elizabeth White
Weight Loss Expert & Hypnotherapist

A clinical hypnotherapist who’s trained under Paul McKenna, Elizabeth’s focus is helping people regain control around food, removing cravings and losing weight. Other areas of expertise include conquering anxiety and phobias.


Trained under Paul McKenna.
Trained under Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP.
Master practitioner of NLP.


• Weight Loss • Hypnotic gastric band • Stop smoking • Anxiety relief • Stress relief • Panic attacks • Phobias • IBS relief • Erectile dysfunction

In her own words

Would you like to get back in control around food, remove cravings and lose weight naturally, healthily and permanently? How about conquering your fears, phobias and panic attacks, removing stress and anxiety from your life, because it is often at the root of most of our health issues? I also deal with IBS and impotency and erectile dysfunction using hypnotherapy. I can use a variety of other therapies to ensure you get the best possible outcome, whatever your problem.

Qualified to the highest levels in many aspects of changework, I am a clinical hypnotherapist, have achieved a PhD in psychology, am a master practitioner of NLP, a counsellor and a life coach. Other therapies include TFT or thought field therapy, often called EFT or tapping, IEMT or integral eye movement therapy and core transformation.

I’ve trained with the very best too: the world renowned Paul McKenna, Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, Michael Neill, Hollywood Life Coach, Dr Roger Callahan, creator of TFT, and Andrew T Austin, the creator of IEMT. I believe that if you want to learn something it’s always better to go to the source wherever possible!

For your safety and protection, I’m bound by the codes of practice and ethics of the SNLP, GHR and the BTFTA. I’m also licensed and insured.

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