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Dr Ellen Harley
Sex and Relationship Therapist

With over 35 years experience as a relationship and psychosexual therapist, Ellen has helped hundreds of couples through their issues. She holds regular teaching sessions at a leading London medical school.


Research into sex and relationship problems in people with mental health problems - important findings that have an impact on clinical work.
Tutor for the Partnership in International Medical Education (PRIME).


Sexual difficulties are common and most of us experience these at some time in our lives. Many factors can contribute, including: • Stress • Difficult personal relationships • Undiagnosed medical problems • Side effects of medication • Common mental health problems such as
anxiety and depression • Complex intrapersonal psychological
difficulties such as gender confusion and
concerns over sexual orientation

I can help if you: • Experience relationship difficulties • Feel a sense of sexual dissatisfaction • Experience the loss of sexual desire,
either for your partner or in general • Suffer from impotence, or do not feel aroused
sexually • Have a problem with ejaculation, or are
unable to achieve orgasm • Experience pain during intercourse • Suffer from penetration difficulties • Experience sexual addiction • Experience sexual phobia • Have transgender issues • Have sexual orientation issues

In her own words

Over the years I’ve helped countless couples improve the quality of their sex lives and relationships. Some couples were able to avoid breaking up through therapy and to start afresh. It’s always a pleasure to feel that I’ve helped families stay together, or to help couples split up but to stay on friendly terms.

I have had a wide range of therapeutic training including:

• Couple therapy

• Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

• Brief solution-focused therapy and systemic


I’ll use an integrated and positive approach to help you towards recovery by:

• Developing insight and awareness into the

nature of your problems, not just looking at

symptoms but explore deeper, underlying root

causes to prevent future relapses

• Developing constructive coping skills and

strategies to deal effectively with your


• Enabling you to identify goals and action

plans which fit your individual life style and

value system

• Enabling you to enjoy intimacy in your

relationship with fulfilling sexual experience

I’m an experienced mental health practitioner and have completed ground breaking research in sex and relationship problems in people with mental health problems. I have expertise in treating this particular client group.

I started my career at Napsbury Hospital near St Albans in Hertfordshire, and have over 30 years clinical experience working within the NHS in mental health services ranging across both community and acute inpatient care. Currently I work as a senior research supervisor/principal investigator and I also have a specialist role as a psychosexual and relationship therapist. I see people privately and have consultation rooms in Hastings, St Leonards, East Sussex and at The Priory Grange, Ticehurst House, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

When considering therapy/counselling it’s important to choose a professionally qualified and experienced practitioner who’s completed a rigorous and thorough training. I’ve been an experienced and qualified mental health practitioner working in both NHS and private settings for over 30 years. I hold a specialist role as a psychosexual and relationship therapist, treating couples with complex and entrenched difficulties, often with mental health problems. Over the years I have helped countless couples to resolve their sex and relationship problems, enabling them to stay together and to improve the quality of their relationship.

I’m a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT). This is UK’s largest and only professional organisation for practitioners working in this field. I have to abide by its code of ethics and principles of good practice, and complaints procedures which ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and professional practice.

My present role is that of a senior research supervisor/investigator actively participating and overseeing a large-scale, multi-centred study in improving the quality of physical and mental health and relationships, working with Kings College, London. The outcome of this research will be clinically implemented nationwide throughout the NHS. I continue to be committed to a regular programme of continued professional development involving courses and conferences, and supervision to increase my skills and knowledge. I am fully insured.

I am on the Editorial Board of the World Journal of Psychiatry (WJP) which is a peer reviewed journal read by health professionals and researchers in mental health.

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