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Emma Mahony
Twins & Multiple Births expert

Emma has over eight years experience writing for The Times on parenting issues. Mum of twins and a twin herself, she wrote ‘Double Trouble – Twins and How to Survive Them’.


Author of ‘Double Trouble – Twins and How to Survive Them’
Author of ‘Stand and Deliver – And Other Brilliant Ways To Give Birth’
Editor of Newsletter for Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (AIMS)
Contributor to the Independent, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Times and Financial Times.


I have a particular specialism and interest in twins and multiple births - both being a twin and having given birth and raised a twin boy and girl. I have published a book on twins for parents - Double Trouble - Twins and How to Survive Them.

I also have a particular interest in Birth matters - having explored this subject in great detail through my book - Stand and Deliver and other Brilliant Ways to Give Birth. My approach is one of encouraging pregnant women to aspire to a good birth in the face of much cultural negativity.

In her own words

As a journalist, author and mother of three children, I have a particular interest in sifting through the wealth of conflicting information available on raising twins.

My own work has lead me to look deeper into the studies of twins, and birth and pregnancy, and to translate those findings in layman's English through writing.

As well as being a twin myself, I am also a mother of boy/girl twins so I understand the pressures on parents of multiples from every angle. I have also published a book on twins: Double Trouble - Twins and How to Survive Them, published by HarperCollins

Finally, I am also a great supporter of women's choices for birth, and was former editor of the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services (AIMS newsletter. I have written a second book on birth - Stand and Deliver (And other brilliant ways to give birth).

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