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Yesterday I saw a tweet asking for help with a blog campaign for Relate. Seeing as we have a lot in common with Relate and we play host to one of their counsellors I thought it would sit very nicely on the blog. And how right I was.

They have put together this rather brilliant video to tell the story of one boy’s experience of their counsellors and to highlight how important it is to offer help to all young people who need it. It’s a lovely little animation and a really touching story.

Not only is the campaign about counselling, it is also about young people. Now this is an area very close to my heart, in a former life I worked for a young people’s charity, only doing office functions not actually advising, that would be a disaster! So I understand how important it is to listen to our young people and help them cope with any issues they face., be it anger; stress; worthlessness. Shockingly these are the top issues for young people,

“82% of our counsellors said being criticised by parents made teenagers feel worthless”

Relate have also seen a rise in what they term ‘new issues’ referring to depression and mental health as well as pressure from social media.

The counsellors Relate spoke to say that the most important role models a young person has are their parents. So, as a parent if you manage emotions appropriately and ask for help when needed, your children will feel more empowered to do the same. If you do need help with anything you can get it from Relate here  or you can browse our relationship advice experts.

My favourite anecdote from all the info I was sent was this:

“We asked young people who they’d most like to be their celebrity best friend for a day. Most of the teenagers we asked said Stephen Fry, followed by David Beckham and Justin Bieber.”

How brilliant is that? Everyone loves Stephen Fry, you can’t get a much better role model than David Beckham; sports professional, husband and blimmin brilliant dad. My mum told me that if you have nothing nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all, but I suppose they could do worse than Justin Bieber!

Thanks to relate for letting me and Greatvine be involved with the campaign it’s a privilege to support our next generation, or ensure they have access to the support they need, whenever they need it. If you’re worried about your teenager or child, you can get advice from Relate here.

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