This week at Greatvine Towers we’re all busy working away on getting our new website ready to go live in a few weeks time. Our technical team are coding and testing into the wee small hours, getting everything just right in time for the launch. Meanwhile, the rest of us are preparing to tell the wider world all about and making sure that the content you will all be seeing on the new site is top notch.

It’s a pretty exciting (if slightly exhausting!) time for the entire team, and we hope you will all be pleased when the new design is unveiled – we certainly like it and are sure you will as well. It should make Greatvine even easier to use, both in terms of finding an appropriate available expert to speak to and general usability when surfing the website. Not to mention the fact that it’s going to look really lovely as well…!

The blog function on the new site should also be greatly improved, so by this time next month you ought to be able to look back on our archive entries rather than just reading the most recent update. I guess that means we’d better make sure this blog is as interesting as possible from now on, if you’re going to be able to go back and read it for the rest of time (oh, the pressure!).

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