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There's a lot of information online, but it rarely reflects your own situation and it's difficult to know what to trust.

LiveGuru lets you talk on the phone with the country's best experts, whenever you need. We've hand-picked the leading specialists in over 100 topics - from breastfeeding and baby sleep to anxiety and depression, diet and nutrition, creative writing and even starting a business.

Dial 0800 063 1532 to arrange to speak with some of the country's leading experts.

The country's best experts

Speak with respected midwives, psychologists, nutritionists, health visitors, counsellors, writers, therapists, coaches and more in over 100 topics. With an average of five qualifications each, the highly experienced experts offer advice you can trust. Friendly and understanding, they're here to help. Many experts also feature on TV and radio, as well as in leading magazines and newspapers.

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Talk to an expert on the phone whenever it suits you – from the comfort of your home or when you're on the move. If your expert isn't available, you can schedule in a call in advance. You choose the length of your consultation, from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, so aren't committed to an hour's appointment if it isn't necessary.

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You've rated the experts' advice an amazing 98/100 and LiveGuru has helped thousands of people across the UK. We're changing people's lives for the better every day – in areas as diverse as breastfeeding, baby sleep, weight loss, anxiety & depression and writing a successful novel.