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Karen Jones
Chartered Educational Psychologist

Karen is a chartered educational psychologist who works with children, young people and adults with learning difficulties and emotional problems. Her areas of expertise include dyslexia, ADHD, autism and general concerns about educational progress.


Own independent service: psychological support for children, parents, schools, students, the legal profession and private & voluntary groups
Pioneered local authority autistic spectrum disorder service (training for parents, children and educational/care staff)
Expert contributor to BBC TV’s ‘Flesh and Blood’ series & BBC radio on family, educational and criminal issues
Published author: national magazines & newspapers; co-author of specialist book on behaviour


I'm an expert who specialises in:

  • Psychological services for children
  • Support around issues like reading and writing, numeracy, behaviour and social skills
  • Advisor on identifying and supporting children with Special Needs
  • Advice on assessment and support for children following trauma
  • Help with understanding all aspects of legal reports for juvenile court

In her own words

Hello, I’m Karen Jones and I’m a Chartered Educational Psychologist. My work helps children, families, schools, students, the legal profession and private/voluntary organisations. I provide psychological services, including advice on assessment and support for children referred by staff or by parents within both local authority schools and the independent sector. I work with a truly diverse range of needs, from behaviour and language development to the identification of special needs and specific learning difficulties. I provide comprehensive training for parents and professionals on many vital aspects of children’s development. I have experience from Early Years to older children and I also support children following trauma. I can now help you here at Greatvine if you have any concerns about your child or children, including those related to possible or identified special needs. I also work with students in college and university.

As an Educational Psychologist, I work with the type of problems that can affect children at school or other places of learning. I aim to enable children to learn more easily and effectively. Part of this work can involve writing reports as part of the process of providing information. You might want support around why your child seems to be having some problems with reading and writing or behaviour at school, for any number of reasons.

One aspect of my work is preparing reports for courts in family or juvenile issues. I also have experience representing young people at tribunals and panels. I can explain the role of these reports within the legal process and which professionals typically prepare them. Or you may be concerned about some aspect of children’s behaviour and need some input on action you could take as a parent. You might want information and support around development, and I understand that being the parent of a special needs child means getting as much support as you possibly can to help your child to thrive.

Whether you need some expert input on your child’s reading and writing progress, socialising, special needs or any other aspect of their educational development, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m here for reliable, calm, specialist advice to help you understand and overcome the problems. Until then, I wish you and your family all the very best,


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