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Katie Krais
Educational Consultant

Many parents know how stressful it is for children to transfer to secondary school, and Katie can help. Author of 'Teach yourself: Getting your child into secondary school’, she also supports families with special needs.


Author of Teach Yourself: Get Your Child Into The School You Want.
Special educational needs coordinator at outstanding London state primary school.
Regularly contribute to Primary Times.


  • Getting your child into a good secondary school
  • Understanding the different types of admissions criteria used for all secondary schools
  • What to look for when choosing a school
  • Information and guidance about school appeals
  • Tutoring primary school children
  • General and specific advice for parents of children with special educational needs
  • How to prepare your child for secondary school examinations
  • How to prepare your child for 11+ interviews
  • Preparing your child for the changes in secondary school
  • Improving your child’s independence and organisational skills
  • Information on scholarships and bursaries
  • Coaching your child socially and helping them with friendship issues
  • Helping parents understand the strategies used in primary school to teach number work so they can support their children at home with maths, eg how mental and written methods of addition and subtraction are taught in school
  • Useful advice on strategies to support learners who find remembering spellings difficult

In her own words

Hi. I’m an educational consultant, teacher and special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) at an outstanding state primary school in London, as well as being a school governor. I’m a published author and tutor, and not forgetting mother of two gorgeous but demanding daughters! My experience covers all parenting issues relating to education, particularly in the area of secondary school transfer, and supporting parents whose children have special needs. Another role has been delivering training courses to teachers in my local authority.

Overwhelmed by my own experiences of the 11+ with my elder daughter, I set up my own consultancy to advise parents on all matters related to secondary transition. My consultancy, Surviving School Transfer, includes testing, interviewing and a formal report giving full feedback on children’s academic strengths and weaknesses and recommendations on most suitable schools for transition.

As well as teaching, I’m a keen writer and accomplished author. My book Teach Yourself: Get Your Child Into The School You Want (from Hodder Education’s Teach Yourself) offers advice on all aspects of secondary transfer including exam and interview preparation, the different types of secondary schools available to you and the criteria they use for the selection process. I’ve also produced two collections of plays for use in primary schools, published by Hopscotch. I regularly write newspaper and magazine articles for several parenting magazines, including Primary Times and Families North West, as well as local papers and the London Evening Standard.

In addition, I tutor and prepare children (individually and in groups) for the entrance examinations for state selective and independent secondary schools.

I’d be delighted to offer advice to parents and teachers on any aspects of primary school life, including how the system works and what you need to know to be ahead of the game.

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