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Lorraine Berry
Midwife, Natal Hypnotherapist

As an experienced midwife and natal hypnotherapist, Lorraine wants women to have good experiences of childbirth. She helps mums-to-be feel empowered and confident about their very special time.


Qualified as midwife since 1998
Presented work to Royal College of Midwives conference
Expert midwife for several online forums


I specialise in antenatal preparation and positive support, empowering all expectant women to feel positive and confident about their choices for pregnancy, birth and beyond. My additional skills as a Natal Hypnotherapist enable me to teach hypnobirthing techniques to effectively release any anxiety or fear that mums and dads to be might have connected to the pregnancy and birth if their baby, so that they can look forward to a relaxed and calm birthing experience.

I provide a non judgemental, professional and complete birth preparation, totally individualised to your own specific personal history, circumstances, emotions and beliefs. In this way, you can look forward to enjoying a gentle, calm and manageable birth experience.

In her own words

I am an experienced qualified Midwife, Natal Hypnotherapist and Mum to three. I am passionate about pregnancy and birth and helping women to have good experiences of childbearing. I strongly believe that giving birth should leave women feeling empowered and confident - and not something to feel frightened, anxious or distressed about.

I have worked extensively as a Midwife since qualification in 1998, empowering hundreds of families to have an enjoyable, more comfortable and positive experience of pregnancy and birth., however and wherever their babies are born.

I have presented my work at the Royal College of Midwives conference in 1995, and I am also the resident expert for "Ask the Midwife" forums at, and I am also invited to speak on birth and breastfeeding by Mothercare at their mum and baby events.

My ambition is to help women rediscover their inner strength and confidence so that they feel calm, confident and relaxed about giving birth.

I see birth partners as vital support during the birthing and am keen to help them understand the importance of their role more fully, equip them with proven techniques and methods that they can use to facilitate birth. I aim to get birthing couples feeling more confident and trusting in the natural, emotional journey through birth, as well as being more deeply trusting and accepting of their own feelings and instincts about how best to birth their babies.

Although an ardent advocate of natural birthing, I am more than aware that this is not necessarily the path that every labour and birthing will take and that intervention saves lives.  I am essentially "pro-choice", ensuring that decision making is in light of the full facts, balanced information and taking into account all the emotional and personal experiences of each individual.  In certain circumstances, an elective Caesarean section can be the most appropriate decision for a woman to make, though another woman in similar circumstances may opt for a birth with an epidural, and yet another for homebirth. There is no "ultimate" way to give birth, only what feels right for you and your baby, and I feel it is my role to help women have the confidence and self belief to make these choices for themselves.

My experience has taught me ways to minimise the chances of intervention being needed, how to avoid it when it is unnecessary and how to work with it when it is needed to preserve the health and wellbeing of mum and / or baby. I am keen to share these positive methods, so that women and their partners have effective ways of retaining a sense of control and are able to remain calm and relaxed whatever happens during their birthing journey, feeling satisfied and elated however and wherever their birth their babies. xx

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