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Lynn Murphy
Pregnancy & Postnatal Expert

As a pregnancy and postnatal expert, Lynn helps women feel more confident about their body’s ability as they move towards labour – and beyond. Her methods include yoga, the breath and touch/massage technique as well as discussions relevant to these key times in a women’s life.


Creation of workshops and courses for new parents and their babies
30 years Yoga experience & 15 years supporting thousands of women and their families
Presenter of 'Pregnancy and Baby & Me Yoga' for Fitness TV


  • Active Birth Yoga Teacher

  • Preparing for labour & birth through antenatal yoga

  • Helping mum's adjust to their new role within the baby & me classes

  • Postnatal yoga

  • Baby Massage & Movement

  • New baby issues - colic, sleep etc

  • Helping new fathers adjust

In her own words

As an Active Birth Yoga Teacher, I am knowledgeable in many of the physical ailments and emotional issues surrounding the pre & postnatal period. I use my birth and yoga expertise to help women move towards labour with more confidence in their body’s ability to give birth to their babies. Also, importantly, I work very much with postural awareness deepening a women's connection to her physical body at this time. Due to the enormous amount of pressure a women's body is under hormonally and emotionally, much is changed such as joint stability, flexibility and of course the pelvic floor!

Supporting pregnant women and their partners through this often emotional and physically challenging time I also help to prepare them on the journey to becoming parents. My support and expertise continues after the birth, I believe as a society we need to find more compassion for a new baby’s experience of the world, and for ourselves as new mothers. I give a lot of support and advice that links into this time around understanding baby's sleep, tummy issues, weaning etc and for the new mum this enormous life change, her emotions, relationships, nutrition etc. All of these issues are looked at within the postnatal classes were I continue to use yoga and massage as the central theme.

Helping new parents make informed choices before, during and after the birth are important and are my way of helping new families get off to a good start.

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