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Madeleine Richardson

A qualified psychotherapist, Madeleine has 30 years experience of working with couples having relationship and sexual problems. She knows how much courage it takes to seek help and treats each case sensitively.


30 years experience of working with couples.
Qualified psychotherapist.
Founder of The Beech Practice.


My main speciality is helping people with relationship and sexual problems. I’ve had 30 years experience of working with couples in these sensitive areas and find that talking about a dissatisfaction in the relationship or sexual area is sometimes very difficult because there’s a desire not to hurt the other person. I usually begin by helping to set up good communication before moving on to specific areas.

I also offer therapy in the work arena, where I’ve helped both employers and employees develop good working relationships. In addition to relationship issues, I have a great deal of experience of helping people overcome anxiety and depression, including anxiety and panic attacks.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is another area that I work in, alongside critical incident debriefing for groups.

In her own words

The expectations and demands of modern life can sometimes push us to the point where we fear we won’t be able to cope. Generally when we reach this point we give ourselves a good talking to and try to soldier on.

However, I’d like to encourage you to bring your anxieties and fears to me as I have many years experience of helping people to take charge of their lives and move from a grey and miserable place to one of sunshine.

I am a qualified psychotherapist, but not an airy fairy one. I’m someone who has a down-to-earth approach that will help you solve your problems, be they emotional, psychological or physical.

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