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Naomi Richards
Life Coach For Children

A qualified life coach, Naomi is passionate about helping children over six with behavioural and emotional issues. Her specialities include personal development, peer pressure, parent separation, confidence, absenteeism and stress.


Coverage in Practical Parenting magazine, Bliss, Sugar, Psychologies, Daily Mail, NOW & Jewish Chronicle
Getting my book - 'The Parents Toolkit' published Feb 2012
Being part of a weekly radio show discussing familiy and parenting issues


I help children with issues around self-esteem, confidence, friendship, communication, bullying, anxiety, parent separation and any other home or school-related problem that the child or parent feels they need help with. Of these areas, my speciality is self-esteem, parent-separation and communication.

In her own words

I’m known as The Kids Coach. I provide life coaching for children who need help with any behavioural and emotional issues that they have. I provide a space for children to talk confidentially about why they’re unhappy and help them resolve their problems in an interactive, creative and supportive way.

My expertise is required because parents want their child to talk to someone who won't necessary just listen but also provide valuable ideas for them to solve their problem or acquire life skills. They also know that their children will not necessarily tell them what the problem is.

They want a space where their child can talk freely, confidentially and come away with a toolkit of ideas that they can use in their life.

I’ve been working as a life coach for children since 2004 and love being able to help children see that there are solutions for any problem and that learning new life skills does not need to be boring. I offer life coaching for children from the age of six.

One of my abilities is being able to see the problem or issue through the children’s eyes. I get down on their level and help them understand the situation they’re in and how they can make that situation better for themselves and the people around them. I do this through role play, discussion and worksheets tailored to each child.

As well as working on the phone through, I work face-to-face and also via Skype. I run workshops for children aged six to 12 on a variety of subjects during the year, and have had radio, local, regional and national press coverage. I am a media spokesperson and write for several websites. I am part of the families and parenting show on 3 counties radio and I have written a series of ebooks on self-esteem and confidence, secondary school transition, friendships and communication and adoption. In addition, my first book, 'The Parents Toolkit' came out February 2012

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