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Nicola Joseph
Independent and NHS Health Visitor.

Health Visitor and weaning expert, Nicola regularly appears on Mother and Baby magazine’s panel. Her passion is boosting parents’ confidence in cooking and making meals for their children. • Weaning expert for Mother and Baby magazine • Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council • Health visitor


Becoming an independent health visitor.
Health visitor for Mother and Baby magazine.


I’ve gained my years of experience in both NHS hospitals and community settings. I’ve also gained experience from working in nurseries and child minding. Being registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council demands that I maintain the highest standards of clinical practice, and I regularly undertake professional training to update my practice and skills. My early experience was gained from general paediatric nursing in hospital wards. I now visit parents in their homes and give advice over the phone to monitor the health and development of any babies and children in that family, and provide support to parents.

Although I cover a large range of topics to do with babies and families, I’ve found weaning one of the most challenging for parents as it’s a forever-changing topic - advice that was relevant two to four years ago may not be used anymore. So I’ve found myself specialising in weaning, spending time with parents to help them build confidence in their abilities in cooking and making meals for their baby or children, and showing that having a balanced diet from six months old is not that hard to achieve. I’m currently writing a weaning book to help promote ideas and offer support around weaning. I also answer questions on weaning in the ‘Ask the experts’ section of Mother and Baby magazine.

In her own words

Becoming a parent is something very special and exciting but it’s only natural to feel a bit anxious at times - especially within the first few weeks when the responsibility of having a baby can seem overwhelming. Babies change so quickly, and there are many stages to learn about and conquer within the first year of birth, so having a health visitor to turn to for guidance and advice is helpful.

My name is Nicola Joseph, I’m a registered health visitor and mum of one. All health visitors are qualified nurses or midwives, with additional training in child health, health promotion and education. The aim of a health visitor is to promote healthy lifestyles and enhance the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing of people. I can offer general advice and support around all aspects from birth to five, including:



Postnatal advice and exercise

Breast- and bottle-feeding advice



Baby massage

Toilet training


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