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Patrick Houser
Fatherhood Coach, Dads & Birth Pros.

A parent counsellor, Patrick enjoys helping expectant and current fathers through the challenges of being a dad. Author of the hugely successful ‘Fathers-To-Be Handbook’, he runs workshops for fathers throughout the UK. 


Co-founder of Fathers-To-Be
Author of 'Fathers-To-Be Handbook'
My second son was the first waterbirth in the USA


I’m an expert who specialises in giving:

  • Fatherhood coaching classes from conception to
    postnatal. *Telephone and coaching for fathers and mothers. *Telephone consulting for childbirth professionals/educators/practitioners.
  • Breastfeeding consulting, especially as it pertains to the father's role.

In his own words

As a father-to-be, are you ready for the birth of your child? Do you have all the answers to provide for your partner's needs, as well as your own? My name is Patrick Houser. I’m a highly experienced parent counsellor who has, for many years, supported expectant and new parents during their transition to parenthood.

I also work with childbirth professionals/educators in their quest for best practice in serving the families in their care...including dads.

It’s important that fathers 'look inside' themselves and reflect on what they want - and also on how they were fathered. History has a way of repeating itself unless we take action and choose new directions. I can support you to get what you want from your fathering and for your family.

I’m co-founder of Fathers-To-Be, and author of the Fathers-To-Be-Handbook, a roadmap for the transition to fatherhood. Both have been overwhelming successes, both with parents and with childbirth professionals and educators. I run regular fatherhood coaching classes throughout the UK, plus study days for professionals.

Men becoming fathers today face new challenges. Most modern families barely resemble the ones we grew up in. A father's role has evolved into one that’s more caretaking and nurturing for his children, as well as his for partner during pregnancy and birth.

For the majority of mothers, the single most important ingredient for successful pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, beyond her good health, is the quality of care she receives from the father.

Rarely is there a place for fathers to go to find the information and advice they need to help them do their best. Until now! Specific, personal and confidential fatherhood coaching may be the answer for you. It’s never too early (or too late) to start. Let a seasoned professional, a father and a grandfather, author and educator, help you out.

Talk Now
0800 063 1532

From £15.00 for 10 mins

Arrange a consultation

If you would like a consultation, I'll be glad to help. You can make an appointment to talk by phone with me by calling

0800 063 1532

My colleague will arrange your call and take payment details.

Consultations can be booked for 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min.

The 0800 063 1532 booking number is available from 8am to 1am, seven days a week.

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