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Philippa Marshall
Freelance Registered Dietitian

A dietitian with over 20 years experience, Philippa enjoys showing people the relationship between diet and health. Her specialist areas include obesity, food intolerance, diabetes, IBS, malnutrition and enteral (tube) feeding.


Over 20 years experience including 18 years as an NHS dietician: within cardiology, oncology, diabetes, enteral feeding, malnutrition, elderly care, learning disabilities, food intolerance, obesity management & paediatrics
Licensed Counterweight Practitioner for weight loss & weight management
Founder: own successful independent practice
Experienced trainer for health care professionals
Public educator on a variety of food related topics


I'm an expert who specialises in:

  • Reliable advice on any area of nutrition
  • Structured help to lose weight supported by high quality evidence based literature
  • Advisor on treatments for malnutrition, obesity management & food intolerance

In her own words

Hello, I’m Philippa Marshall and I am a freelance Dietitian. I specialise in the treatment of malnutrition, obesity management and food intolerance and in the delivery of nutrition training to health care professionals. I have extensive experience in the management of Diabetes, hyperlipidaemia, food intolerances, allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Dysphagia, enteral feeding and children’s diets. And as a registered dietitian, I am qualified to provide advice in any area related to food and diet outside of my specialist areas. I positively enjoy working with all aspects of the relationship between your diet and your health. For anyone looking to safely lose weight, I am also a licensed Counterweight practitioner. This means I can support you with a structured, rational approach to weight loss which is firmly supported by a base of relevant evidence. My expert help is now available at Greatvine for information, support and encouragement to boost your health, manage any weight problems and enhance your family’s diet.

As well as 18 years in the NHS, I have worked as a freelance dietitian since December 2010 and built up an impressive portfolio of assignments. I’ve worked for many corporations, charities and again, for the NHS, alongside my work with individual private clients. I’ve continued to regularly deliver weight management groups, working with individuals with a BMI from 30 upwards. And I’m also I am an active member of the UK’s Freelance Dietitians Group, currently holding the post of treasurer.

It’s very important to me that my clients find me approachable and relaxed to work with. I’ll tailor all the information to your unique needs, to provide advice that is relevant to your lifestyle and personal preferences. Being a very busy mum myself with two lively boys, I do understand the pressures that family life can put on food budgets and preparation time. And in my home, I have one very fussy eater and then another who will eat anything. From both my personal experiences and my specialist professional skills, I can safely say I’m very well placed to advise families on managing children’s eating habits. And that applies to both ‘bird like eaters’ and to those who like to over-indulge! So please, do give me a call at Greatvine whether you’d like expert nutrition advice for yourself, or for your family, I’m here to help you all achieve better health, lose weight and ultimately feel good. Until then, my best regards,


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