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Quentin St.Clair
Mind and Body Coach

A mind and body coach, Quentin’s main speciality is addiction – whether it’s a parent who’s worried about their child’s gaming addiction, or an adult struggling with drugs or alcohol.


Co-author and composer for The Secret of The Second Chance - An Introduction to Positive Psychotherapy.
Artist, producer, engineer and composer for ‘Songs of Katrina’, a benefit compilation of Bristol musicians to help hurricane victims in New Orleans and beyond.
Those moments with clients, particularly with young people, when they discover something special and significant about themselves.
Member of the International Positive Psychology Association.
Involved with National Association for the Children of Alcoholics.


My main specialities are working with children and young adults, as well as addiction in both adults and children (drugs, alcohol, food, smoking, gaming and other lifestyle addictions).

More broadly, as an experienced project manager and people manager (up to director level), I work with people and organisations who want change and to manage this change successfully, without trauma and drama.

Mark and I have devised programmes for weight-loss which combine counselling, hypnotherapy and lifestyle management.

In organisations, I work with a tool called process communication management which helps organisations communicate effectively and understand the different personality types that go to make up the people in their teams.

I’m particularly interested in positive psychology, and working with the strengths, virtues and qualities that we all have. I’m a member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

In his own words

I’m trained in hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy and coaching with recognised qualifications and/or training in each. I’m also a qualified British rowing indoor coach.

I’ve worked with people in management since 1997 on personal development, recruitment, career development and change management - and more recently in the health sector.

Although I’m based in Bristol, I work all over the South of England – and, of course, on the phone through

My initial experience was with the National Association for the Children of Alcoholics and I am still involved with them. I also see clients for ‘Help! counselling’, a service specialising in young people up to 25. More recently, I’ve done considerable work with care organisations who use a therapeutic approach to working with children in foster and care situations.

As well as client work, I enjoy presenting, often with my colleague Mark Stipanovsky, and have been privileged to present at Nottingham and Keele University and further afield in New Orleans and Prague on transactional analysis (which is my main model for work).

I also have my own range of hypnotherapy pieces created with Mark for a wide range of issues including smoking addiction, weight-loss and food addiction, relaxation, goal setting, life success and sleep issues. As a life-long musician I composed and produced the music for these recordings in my own studio in Bristol.

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