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Roger Day
Psychotherapist, play therapist

Roger’s a psychotherapist and play therapist who works with compassion and warmth. Over his 20-year career he’s helped many people with issues around abuse, abandonment, attachment and PTSD.


Set up and ran for many years counselling service for clients with disabilities linked with Job Centres in the Midlands
Registered with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
Author of 18 books, including three in the series Creative Ideas with ideas for creative therapy
Over 20 years' experience
Certified play therapist


People with anxiety and panic attacks – tight chest, heart palpitations, knocking knees, shaking hands, sweaty palms!

Men and women who have low self-esteem, with little confidence in their own abilities or constantly doing themselves down.

Those who have mild to moderate depression, feeling low or not coping so well with life.

Stress at work, pressure at home and difficulty coping with the pace of life generally.

People with difficulties in their relationship, including men’s ‘up and coming’ problems.

Helping parents build their children’s confidence and self-esteem.

Giving parents strategies for managing unhappiness in their children or teenagers.

Exploring with parents whether their child is depressed or anxious.

Offering coping strategies to parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD (hyperactivity), abuse or mild physical and learning disabilities.

Creative approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. In addition to ‘talking therapy’ I offer nonverbal play therapy approaches for adults and children using sandtray, art, music, puppets, movement and clay.

In his own words

For over 20 years I have worked as a counsellor, then a psychotherapist and finally a play therapist. I work well with men, women, teens and children. I see individuals, families and couples and have run therapy groups for adults and children.

I have worked with many hundreds of people from all walks of life. For 11 years I provided counselling in various GP surgeries and Job Centres. In my private practice I have helped people with anxiety, stress, depression, relationships and the after-effects of domestic violence. Many men and women have sought me out because of my experience in helping clients with abuse, abandonment and attachment issues, and post-traumatic stress.

People who see me for therapy often compliment me on my compassion, concern and warmth. They enjoy my positive approach to therapeutic difficulties and my use of humour in the counselling room.

In addition to my work as a therapist, trainer and supervisor, I am happily married and together we are parents to four adult children and grandparents to two small boys. My biggest passion is the outdoors. I walk in the countryside weekly, both summer and winter.

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