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Sue Stockdale
Motivational and Business Coach

Author of business books including ‘Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs’, motivation coach Sue helps people focus on what they want to achieve. She then works to ignite the passion and energy within them to make it happen.


Own successful practice with international client base
Published specialist author: books include ‘Kickstart your Motivation’, ‘Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs’ & ‘Cope with Change at Work’
Guest media appearances & published advice including BBC News, Sky News, Daily Express, The Sunday Times, Career Secretary, HR Magazine, Take A Break, London Evening Standard, British Medical Journal, etc
First British Woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole; represented Scotland in athletics; runner-up on Channel 4 TV show ‘Superhuman’


I'm an expert who specialises in:

  • Help to turn a good idea into a small business
  • Advice to achieve a better work life balance
  • Support to transform an ailing business into a growing enterprise
  • Methods to build confidence, effective self presentation skills and take the next steps in your career
  • Gaining the momentum and motivation to take regular exercise

In her own words

Hi, I’m Sue Stockdale and I am in the inspiration business. I’m a Motivation and Business Coach and I help people to achieve things that they didn’t believe were possible. I can give you advice to transform your good idea into a small business; improve your work life balance; or turn your business around if you feel its time for some specialist input. Whatever your needs, you can learn to gain the confidence you need for effective self presentation skills in many different situations. And my expert support can assist you to successfully grow into the next phase of your career. From something as personal to starting to do some exercise to important issues at work, I’m here at Greatvine to give you advice and support to really succeed. I’ll help you to get motivated and focus on what you want to achieve, and ignite the passion and energy within you to make it happen.

I’m a specialist in helping you to achieve challenging goals and I am qualified to do this because I have done it many times myself. My successes include starting up a business which I grew and later sold, becoming a leading Motivation and Business Coach and being the expert author of four business advice books. I’ve also become a dedicated sports and exercise enthusiast, skiing to the Magnetic North Pole, taking part in extreme mental and physical endurance tests on Channel Four’s Superhuman show and I’m proud to have represented Scotland as an athlete.

When we work together, I’ll enable you to be clear about the outcome you want to achieve, and we’ll identify the steps you need to be able to get there. We’ll also look at ways you can overcome any limitations that are holding you back from your goal. It may be a limiting belief or some kind of ‘external’ obstacle you’re dealing with, but you’ll begin to see that it’s possible and have an action plan to get started. My coaching is focused, effective and inspiring! If you’re ready to get things moving the way you want them to, give me a call at Greatvine - I’d be delighted to help you kick start your plans.


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0800 063 1532

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If you would like a consultation, I'll be glad to help. You can make an appointment to talk by phone with me by calling

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The 0800 063 1532 booking number is available from 8am to 1am, seven days a week.

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