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Breathing Meditation to Relax & Let Go

Use a very simple meditation to breathe out stress (relaxing and letting go, plus gaining confidence & respect)

Sit or lie comfortably but making sure that no part of your body is restricted or strained (no sitting on feet, crossed legs, or lying on one elbow etc.

Now breathe deeply in and out, focusing on the breath and making it slow down. Counting your in breath, then counting a pause, then counting the outbreath, can help. Find a natural rhythm for you.

Now focus on relaxing parts of your body from the top down. Head, face, neck, shoulders, arms.

Breathe deeply, and wriggle a bit if you feel inclined to, then do those same areas again.

Breathe deeply, and move down the body gradually until you are relaxed from top to toe.

Just to check, ask you body if there are any tense areas left, and go back to these.

Use the word RELAX – say it slowly but meaningfully to yourself as you feel your muscles soften.

Now Breathe to let go of past issues – take deep breaths in, and let go as you breathe out.

LET GO of any tensions regarding past relationships.Allow yourself to let them go – you do not need to carry them now.

Keep breathing until they are all gone, then give a last big sigh along with a shrug, shake, or wriggle.

Breathe out tensions regarding outside things or involvements affecting you or your family.

Know that you can cope with this. Take strength from what you have managed so far.

Breathe in confidence and self respect. Ask the universe (or God) to support you, to give you the energy to continue to be strong, and balanced.

Now breathe out tensions about any financial or other worries hanging over you.

You know you can only do your best, make what plans you can, and try to greet each day as it comes. There is no point in wasting more energy on worrying, once you’ve done what you can.

Now breathe out any tensions about current family or relationship issues.

Focus instead on all the positive things you are trying to do.Think also about the good things, the funny things, the loveable things, and be grateful.

Shrug, shake, or wriggle to let go of any last bits of tension, and you are done.

Use my mediations videos on youtube – - to help get you started on more ideas, and to get more of a hang of the idea of meditation itself -

or tracks on soundcloud - - (Julia Woodman / Radiance Solutions)

My main site is and I can actually write meditations to suit your needs.

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Julia Woodman
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A nutritional therapist, life coach, counsellor, stress consultant, & writer. Julia helps you heal & resolve any issues, cope with change, or achieve goals. Inc nutrition, meditation, relationships, communication, empowerment, creativity.

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