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Excerpts from the book 'Reboot your Life'

Reboot your life is an inspiring, thought provoking book that will help you commit to reinvesting yourself and living life to your fullest potential.

Written by contributors from all over the world, this book will be your constant companion on the road to change and a better future. Chapters include how to slow down to speed up, finding the source of your own creativity, tapping into the strength and courage to live your dream and giving the gift of time.

The following are excerpts from The C Word chapter contributed by Lynn Anderton:-

I'd sensed the distance between us over the last few months but never expected this and so instead of letting him leave, I babbled on about the reasons why he should stay. Is this what he's reduced me to, a fearful woman who felt she couldn't survive on her own?

It started as most encounters do, I was curious abut how a man who'd left his wife just weeks earlier could have had so many sexual encounters, I was probably being naive but this didn't stop me from being eager to find out what this sexual deviant had to offer.

And as the relationship intensified slowly but surely I lost my independence as he movies in on my life. It was only once he's left that it all made sense and this insight came from a very familiar source.

So now, here I was out in the real world again and it felt slightly scary, however, thing were clearer and I used strategies gained from the movies I was now watching in order to cope with situations.

That's the end of the excerpts but the full version of the chapter is available in the book 'Reboot your Life'

And finally...

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can or no one may. We ourselves must walk the path - Buddha

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Lynn Anderton
Life Coach & Movietherapist

A life coach with a difference, Lynn encourages people to watch movies differently in order to save time, money and energy by learning to interact with others better so that they ultimately meet their own needs and ambitions

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