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Fight The Fear Of Failure

Are you procrastinating about setting up your own business or have you been deferring the growth of an existing venture? Do you have tangible reasons for this lack of action or do you simply fear failure and the unknown?

Fear can be an all-consuming emotion that causes inactivity and results in unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Allowing fear to control your decisions will damage your self-esteem and create a void where there was once potential.

Everyone, even the most successful entrepreneurs, fear failure. However, success is only achieved by those individuals who know how to manage their fear and use it to their advantage!

Fear is a human emotion and, just like all emotions, it can be controlled with effective techniques that help you move forward to achieve your true ambitions. Fear can sometimes be a useful tool for motivation. To avoid failure, fear will enable you to carefully consider your options so you can overcome your challenges in the most effective and efficient way.Having too much fear can be detrimental to your business venture. It will prevent you from trying out new things, taking some risks and driving your plans forward. The most important thing to keep in mind when fear takes hold is what is the worst that could happen? Then weigh this up against the best that could happen. If the positive outcome is worth it, you should ignore your fears and go for it!

Try not to obsess about your fears, as this will give them the power to take full control over you and your business venture. Instead put them into perspective: are they really going to prevent you from achieving lifelong goals?

Try to manipulate your emotions by transforming your fears into curiosity. Become interested in the outcome and challenge yourself to find out what this will be. Transforming the emotion removes the negative connotations and enables you to open your mind to greater possibilities.If you succeed despite your fears, imagine how great you will feel! The results will be truly rewarding and completely worth the effort! Keep in mind that overcoming fear takes dedication and persistence. Above all, have faith in your abilities to succeed. If you believe in your business proposition don’t let your fears stop you from moving forward. Remain positive and trust your instincts.

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Tracey Wall
Confidence & Self Esteem Specialist

Tracey’s skills as a confidence and self-esteem expert have helped many women and mums transform their lives. She’s also passionate about coaching female entrepreneurs to start up and grow their own successful home businesses.

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