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How to be happy and successful at work

Alex Bailey Staines is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, with a background in business consultancy. Here, she offers her top tips for achieving your goals in the workplace, from beating the bullies to building your empire. With her advice, you can start making positive changes today.

Achieving professional success is not just about your ability to do your job but also about developing your ambition, resilience, risk taking and networking capabilities. Here’s how:

Zero tolerance for bullies

The world of work can be a toxic place to be, whether it’s the result of ineffective management, office politics, or work place bullying - it can lead to a breakdown of confidence, depleted self-esteem, depression and low energy. Fortunately it’s not always like this, for some, their work place has a culture of cooperation, encouragement and team building. Individuals work at supporting and mentoring one another with an end result of motivating one another to go the extra mile and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

No prizes for guessing where we’d all rather work!

However, if you do find yourself in a truly toxic environment try to affect change by looking for allies and peers in other parts of the business, but, if this isn’t possible, get working on your CV and vote with your feet. Don’t put up with toxicity – it will drag you down eventually!

Believe you can achieve

Sometimes we all need to step outside of our comfort zone and do what we fear most. Calculated risk taking can be mitigated by doing something new in stages, step-by-step. But if it does all go belly up, put your hand up and learn from the experience – it will make you stronger for next time. And once you have done something scary the first time, it’s never as bad when you do it again! Whatever your demons – mine was standing up and presenting in front of a room full of people – they get better the more you practice.

Relationships for results

Not sure how best to get on with and relate to your boss or manager? Try putting yourself in their shoes and endeavour to understand their drivers and motivators. What do they need to achieve? Can you help them? Once you’ve identified a wanted outcome, make yourself useful and do what you can to help them reach their goal/s. Successfully assisting in achieving success will create trust and reliance, putting you in a better position to influence and affect future results and relationships.

Accentuate the positive

Feedback is good, it teaches us to grow, so don’t throw your toys out of the pram if you receive criticism - think what you can learn from it, to do better next time. Similarly, when giving feedback to others think how best to get the reaction and results you want. Think how you would like to receive the opinion of your peers – you will get the best out of people be being constructive rather than dismissive, by putting on a positive spin, not a negative one.

Ambition is the secret to success

Never let others dictate your life to you – have a plan. Work at developing your career, seeking help and support from those you respect and admire. If you are doing something for the first time, ask for assistance - most people are delighted to help others. And make sure, that when you are in a position to do the same, you provide that assistance to others – what goes around, comes around! Keep up with the training and skill sets that will not only equip you to do your current job well, but also provide you with a path for future career progression. Quite often this can be paid for by your company if you can present a good business case for it!

Empire building

Rome wasn’t built in a day but the sooner you start building your network, the sooner you can be ruling the world! Being well connected and developing strong relationships with your colleagues, the boss, the tea lady and the post boy will never be wasted time. It establishes your credibility and builds your authority. Never ever underestimate the power of networking.

Keep Calm and Get Coached

A coach will work with you to bring clarity and focus to your issues, identifying what you need to move forward and then helping you develop a strategy to get you there in alignment with your values. And if that sounds like it would be helpful to you right now, give me a call!


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Alex Bailey Staines
Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

As a life coach and NLP practitioner, Alex helps clients survive and thrive in both their business and personal lives. A background in business consultancy gives her 30 years relevant experience to draw on.

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