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Morning Sickness Remedies

About two thirds of us are affected by morning sickness in our pregnancies, with the severity ranging from mild dizziness to full blown vomiting all day long.

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While there is little we can do to totally ‘cure’ this early pregnancy ailment, there are some hints, tips and morning sickness remedies that we can use to help us to cope with it.

Why do we get morning sickness?

The exact reason for morning sickness in early pregnancy is not pin-pointed to one cause, other than being pregnant, some believe it to be down to the hCG hormone (a hormone produced in early pregnancy by the developing placenta), and our bodies ‘sorting’ out these new hormones as well as adjusting to the new little life we are growing within. It is something that most women experience to one degree or another, some hardly noticing it and others being quite ill with it.What follows are some thoughts and ideas around coping with morning sickness, gathered from real mums and research.

Is morning sickness hereditary?

No it is not; unfortunately we cannot say which women will get morning sickness worse than others. It seems that some people believe that there are a few factors that influence the severity and whether or not you will get morning sickness but these are generalisations. Some believe that if you are highly stressed you are prone to severe morning sickness, if you are carrying twins, if you suffered from migraines or even motion sickness. Whatever the cause and no matter how long it lasts, it is not for forever.

What are the symptoms of morning sickness?

Well apart from the obvious of you spending a great amount of time talking into the big white telephone – there are a few other symptoms. General nausea being one of them, a few lucky women actually just feel nauseous and that is it! Fatigue, lack of appetite along with aches and pains are all typical symptoms too. Contrary to its name ‘Morning Sickness’, is not only in the morning and can be anytime of the day, night and for some of us, all day and all night.

How long will morning sickness last?

Again this is not a one size fits all answer, in researching for this article some women start feeling sick around 8 weeks and this can go on until 16 -18 weeks or even longer. Some women have reported having morning sickness on and off throughout their entire pregnancy. It totally depends on you and your body also remember each pregnancy can and will be different too.

Are there any dangerous effects of morning sickness on my unborn baby?

There are no direct dangers to you or your little one growing inside when you have morning sickness and look after yourself with eating little and often and by keeping hydrated. The dangers come in if you are not drinking enough and you can dehydrate which obviously has an effect on you and your unborn baby. Generally though, most of us survive quite well with no side effects at all, apart from feeling a little tired and rather overwhelmed by it all.

What are some natural remedies for morning sickness?

In researching for this article, I set out and asked around what women found worked for them. Since morning sickness is a little different for all of us, the remedies are too. What works for one woman may not work for you to the point that sometimes what works for you in one week may differ in the next.

Below are some suggestions, please note however that if you are concerned or have a pre-existing condition you should consult your GP or midwife before taking any homeopathic therapy.

  • Eating little and often and not allowing yourself to get ‘hungry’
  • Eating ‘beige’ foods ie carbohydrates seems to help with coping
  • Dry toast or a dry arrowroot biscuit before getting out of bed
  • Increasing Vitamin B6
  • Rest
  • Chewing gum
  • Ginger in any form; biscuits or whole
  • Drinking black Redbush tea
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Seabands – the type you buy for motion sickness on a boat
  • Fennel Tea

If you listen to your body and what it is telling you, you can and will cope much better with this, and remember it is not for nothing you are after all growing a little life inside so try to enjoy each stage.

For individual advice on morning sickness remedies or any other aspect of childbirth you can speak to Claire via her Greatvine profile.


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