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Get better dating results by watching a movie differently

Need some awareness when it comes to personal relationships, the movie 'An Education' can help you establish better observational skills when it comes to being in contact with people who have certain personality traits.

You don't need to be a school girl in order to get swept along in a romantic encounter, vulnerability can be a problem at any age and this is boldly demonstrated in this film as the protagonists parents are just as swept along by the charmer as she is.

An Education is a great example of how we tend to get swept along by someone else's personality, sometimes this is okay if we can easily separate ourselves in order to meet our needs but when it takes over our life we feel unable to leave the encounter and this is when it becomes a problem to us.

If this sounds like you then why not watch the film with the following mindset so that you build trust within yourself towards exploring further interactions:-

1) Don't take it personally, if it isn't you it's going to be someone who will quite easily fall for this type of encounter, be aware of the time wasted within this type of encounter and decide if this has happened to you before make a pledge to yourself not to go down the same route.

2) What's it cost you? an education, money lost from the work that could have been achieved, your dreams?Only you will know the answer to this, be honest with yourself and try to be as realistic as you can when pursuing further relationships.

3) Focus on what you ultimately want to achieve in terms of your goals, if you have given something up for someone then you need to think carefully what you need to do but more importantly what you shouldn't do in order to work towards your goal.

Once you have watched the film reflect back on your own experiences and use the steps to keep bringing yourself back to reality rather than being swept off your feet in a destructive way when you find yourself in a dating situation.

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Lynn Anderton
Life Coach & Movietherapist

A life coach with a difference, Lynn encourages people to watch movies differently in order to save time, money and energy by learning to interact with others better so that they ultimately meet their own needs and ambitions

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