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Ten Simple Steps to Kick-Start Your Heath

So you want to get healthy and you want to start today? Let's dive in with Health Coach Polly Noble's top 10 things you can do today to kick-start your health.

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So you may have decided the time has come to start keeping fit and need that extra motivation and fitness advice. Read on for simple advice on keeping healthy, diet tips and weight loss tips.

Start your day with gratitude

In your mind, as you get dressed and brush your teeth, list all of the things you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude releases feel good hormones, boosts your immune system and makes you feel happier.

Breathe deep

We tend to breathe from our chest rather than our belly so be conscious of your breathing and try to take at least 10 deep breaths to get oxygen to where its needed.

Get dry skin brushing

Your lymph system, which helps your body to flush out toxins, doesn't have a pump so dry skin brush before you shower to get it moving.

Go green and clean

The more greens in your diet, the more you help to alkalise your body and balance your pH, helping to boost energy levels and reach your natural weight.

Exercise and stretch

The body needs a daily workout so make sure you get moving everyday.

Eat a big breakfast...

...a medium sized lunch and a small dinner. You'll increase your energy throughout the day and sleep better at night.

Have some "ME" time

Feed your soul with the things it wants to do; read, sing, listen to music, or simply stare out of the window.

Reduce or eliminate stress

Stress makes you unhappy, acidifies your blood pH, lowers your immune system and gives you wrinkles.

Get juicing

Juice some fruits and veggies to get essential nutrients into your sexy body in super fast time.

Love yourself

Realise you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are things - they don't define you. You are perfect just as you are.

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Polly Noble
Holistic Health Coach & Cancer Coach

Polly is a lifestyle and wellness expert who’s dedicated to helping people lead healthier and happier lives. Author of ‘The Cancer Journey’, having been diagnosed twice before the age of 29, she uses her knowledge in diet and lifestyle to help empower people to take back their health.

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