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Thrive in Business

To thrive in the extreme world of business – Read the following points and introduce them into your work. Results should begin appear fairly soon.

In this article

Motivational and business coach, Sue outlines the nine tips to succeed and thrive in the ever competitive world of business.

Value diversity.

Make sure you have a wide range of skills and experience within your team. The different qualities that men and women have must be built upon, and turned into a source of competitive advantage.

Preparation and planning makes for productive results.####

Create a plan to achieve your vision. It can always be altered on route, but it helps to think about potential challenges and issues before you begin. That includes considering how to overcome your fears!

Be adaptable

Business changes so quickly, if you want to thrive you need to be thinking of current and future issues at the same time. Those who are prepared to adapt to their situation as it changes will keep ahead of the game.

Make mistakes

Create an environment where certain levels of mistakes are acceptable. Learning will take place much more quickly when individuals feel they can be trusted to be creative and innovative within certain guidelines. That’s how breakthrough occurs.

Encourage an environment of open communication.

To thrive within a team, individuals need to understand and value their own, and others strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.

Learn to play mind games

If you face a seemingly impossible challenge, try to think about a way of overcoming it from a different angle or approach. If you believe you can do something, the route to achieving it will eventually become apparent.

Use rewards to keep motivated

Make sure you reward yourself when you have made progress, to keep motivated. Find out what motivates others in your team and be sure to help them too. Saying thank you or well done costs nothing.

Innovate, innovate, and innovate

The pace of change is faster then ever, so to thrive you need to be continually looking for new ideas, and ensuring that you keep up to date with market trends in many different business sectors, which could provide innovative solutions for your business.

Don't get complacent

Now that you have actioned the previous nine points, don’t get complacent. Peak performers in extreme environments never sit on their laurels. They go back to point one and start all over again! Good luck and remember – success demands persistence!

About the author

Sue Stockdale
Executive and Business Coach

Highly experienced coach, and author of seven business books including ‘Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs’,Sue helps people focus on what they want to achieve, and overcome the obstacles holding them back.

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