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Ruth Armes
Pregnancy & Birthing Expert

Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London      English

Mini Bio

Ruth is a qualified active birth and NCT teacher with over 15 years of experience. She’s supported more than 2,000 women and their partners through the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy.


  • Have supported over 2,000 pregnant women and partners.
  • Former NCT teacher.
  • Active birth teacher.


I have particular knowledge of coping with pregnancy-related ailments and problems, for example pelvic pain, digestive problems, energy and sleep, feelings about pregnancy and birth. I teach yoga for pregnancy, and can advise on appropriate exercise and yoga postures in pregnancy. I specialise in preparing for birth, particularly in the field of making birth normal, and helping all parents plan for the birth they’d like. I have a depth of knowledge of the information, skills and beliefs that a woman and her partner can bring to the birth experience, to best enable labour and birth. -- Pregnancy and preparation for birth are times of great change, when women often want plenty of information and support. Midwives and doctors are often unable to give the time and unbiased information that women want. As an active birth teacher and mother of three, I have 18 years of experience in supporting women and their partners through the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy, and in helping them prepare for a satisfying experience of birth.


Active Birth Teacher
Active Birth Centre, London, 1997
NCT teacher
National Childbirth Trust, 1994
Froebel Institute, London University, 1984


NCT Teacher
The National Childbirth Trust, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I worked for 5 years teaching antenatal classes for the NCT.
Active Birth Teacher
Self-employed, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I have been an independent Birth Educator for 13 years, during which I have supprted over 2,000 pregnant women and their partners. I teach Yoga for Pregnancy, and Birth Preparation courses, as well as working with individuals on a one to one basis.
Co-founder of
BirthChoiceUK, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I am a co-founder of, one of the leading maternity web-sites in the UK, dedicated to helping women choose where and how to have their baby.

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