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Morgan Kenney
Publisher, Editor & Tutor


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A widely-published poet, Morgan has also led poetry courses and seminars. He’s highly skilled at analysing poetry and suggesting ways for people to improve their techniques.


  • Established The Petra Kenney Poetry Competition, now one of the most prestigious in Britain and in Canada
  • Wrote collection of poetry Not All The Pieces Fit.
  • Have produced 40 educational books.


eBook publishing company in order to share your work with the world ">Because of my ability to communicate with people, both one-to-one and in groups, I’ve been able to help many people investigate their talent to write poetry and to develop the skills that enable them to turn it into creative achievement. I can help with areas of poetry such as: how to create metaphors; how to develop the theme of a poem; how to create inner rhyme; and how to use assonance and alliteration effectively. During my time in Canada I was a leading educationist and produced 40 books that sold over seven million copies across the country. I began my career as a secondary school teacher, soon became head of department, and finally supervisor of languages responsible for the development of curriculum and for the training of teachers. I was also a master at Hamilton Teachers College, controlled by the Ministry of Education for the Province of Ontario. In 1995 I established The Petra Kenney Poetry Competition as a tribute to my late wife. This competition has become one of the most prestigious in Britain and in Canada. Its honorary patrons and judges include the names of Britain's most eminent poets. On two occasions the Poet Laureate, Professor Andrew Motion, presented the prizes at the awards ceremony. I act as judge for poetry and short story competitions and my poems and articles have been widely published in poetry magazines in Britain. Other aspects of what I can offer you include teaching you how to write effective letters of application, CVs and professional covering letters. I also have experience in writing personalised poems for a loved one or a special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and retirements from a sentimenta to something more humourous. -- Everyone, at some time, has felt like they’d like to write a poem. If you have such a craving I’m here to help you make your dream come true. Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re just scribbling or if actually you really do have talent to write poems? If so, I can help you answer that question. I am highly skilled and rehearsed at analysing poetry, discovering poets' weaknesses and strengths, and at suggesting ways in which poets can improve their poetic skills and techniques. So, if you enjoy writing poetry and you’d like to find out whether or not you have talent and skills, I'm your man! My professional career has given me the opportunity to develop creative writing skills with people of all ages and of all levels of talent, either directly or through my writing. One of my talents as a teacher is the ability to relate openly with people and to develop an easy but thorough line of communication with those I work with. This skill combined with my enthusiasm establishes a relaxed exchange of ideas that allows fast progress. If you also want to become a published writer, you can start by hiring an eBook publishing company in order to share your work with the world


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For this Magazine, I also wrote a series of articles analysing poems by eminent British poets. These poets complimented my insights into technique and into the magic that creates poetry.

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