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Eleanor Copp
Midwife & Clinical Hypnotherapist


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A practicing midwife for 20 years, Eleanor helps mums prepare for childbirth and regularly works with pregnant couples with a previous negative experience of childbirth. She’s also a hypnotherapist and offers parents support for managing any situation.


  • Hypnobirthing Certified Educator
  • Founded my own private practice, the Taunton Birth Forum
  • Author of ‘10 steps to a Confident Birth’


I’m an expert who specialises in: * Birthing * Traumatic birth * Water birth * Bonding and attachment * Stress and anxiety in the workplace -- Are you feeling anxious about the forthcoming birth of your baby? If so, I can help you banish those fears, so you can look forward to the birthing experience. In my private practice, I work with women and their partners to help them manage the labour and birth, so it’s how they want it to be. it is possible to bridge the gap fro what you would like and what you actually experience but there are specific skills to ensure this becomes true . By teaching a combination of relevant information, relaxation, and visualisation techniques, I can show you how birth is an experience that can be both managed and enjoyed. In addition to my private practice, I work at a midwife-led unit in the NHS, supporting many water births. I also work with women following traumatic birth - this may be just after the experience or in a subsequent pregnancy. I am a specialist midwife and work to help women make an empowered decision for their next birth following a c- section , whether this be a vaginal birth or an elective ceasarean . what I know is that its crucial to be confident and at times assertive , to safeguard you and your unborn baby , your emotional and physical wellbeing and that needs to stay intact . Key facts * I have trained with leading experts in the birthing world like Yehudi Gordon and Ray Castellino on pre and post birth bonding and attachment. * I am regularly in the press, in magazine and on radio. * I co-founded the Taunton Birth Forum with my husband, a Cranio Sacral Therapist, and co-run a baby loss support group for parents who are bereaved. * I have created CDs for parents, both for during the pregnancy and for after the baby is born. * I receive referrals from midwives, doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists. * I run training days and workshops with Midwives and Student Midwives, showing them how to manage stress and anxiety at work and to deal with pressure. As well as being a birthing expert, I also help with phobias, anxiety or depression and work with women (both pregnant and non pregnant) and men from the teenage years to adults.


Clinical Hypnotherapist
The Clifton Practice, 2008
Birth Crisis
Sheila Kitzinger, 2007
Health Studies
University of Plymouth, 2006
HypnoBirthing Certified Educator
The HypnoBirthing Institute, 2005
Councelling Course
Relate, 1998
Mary Martin School of Reflexology, 1997
Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice
Brunel University, 1997
Registered Midwife
Thames Valley University, 1993
Registered General Nurse
Royal Free Hospital , 1990


Trainee Nurse
The Royal Free Hospital , 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
The Training in this Hospital provided us with many specialities .
The Royal Free Hospital, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
Working on Neuro surgery was tough aged 21 and it provided me with the knowledge that support was needed but unavailable.
Trainee Midwife
Thames Valley University , 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
During Midwifery training placements were at Northwick Park Hospital , St Mary's Hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital. This provided me with a thorough knowledge of Midwifery in London and the diffrences encountered according to the Women who lived in the local area.
The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust., 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
Working in Womens Health with early loss in pregnancy ,and Womens surgery , and casualty.
The Hillingdon Hospital, Watford General Hospital, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
Gaining experience in North West London, with different client groups adapting to their needs , becoming expert at water birth , cementing skills.
NHS, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I work in a busy Hospital , and am a great supporter of gentle , empowered birth .I mentor students and have written and implemented guidelines for Post Natal Depression . Currently I am auditing and writing guidelines for water birth as I love births in water. I have been trained to teach my colleagues the benefits and practicalities of this , and am working on the birthing unit.
T and S NHS TRUST, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
Somerset had fewer jobs on offer than London , so moving to the provinces meant I had to wait for a job to become available . I decided to see what working in Intensive Care would be like. Although the staff were amazing and fantastic , I realised that I missed the wonder , awe and delight that birth brings .
HypnoBirthing Educator
Private Practice, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I teach classes to couples in the South West of England. The course is instrumental in managing any negative thoughts which are unhelpful to pregnancy and birth , and substituting them with realistic and positive thoughts which enhance life. The purpose is to trust , believe and have faith in the birthing process , and to develop a strong connection with the developing baby in his or her pre birth life.The beauty is that fathers have a voice , they feel involved and have space to discuss their role too.Mothers find their experience of pregnancy is different to others , they do not report having the same fear based concerns , and all couples sleep well !
Clinical Hypnotherapist
private Practice , 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
I work and help individuals who are seeking support for a difficulty they are experiencing .Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool for managing phobias , anxieties migraines , high blood pressure , weight management and sleeping problems.I also see people for pre surgery anxiety and maximising healing and well being pre and post operation . I am running a weight management in pregnancy group and offer post birth relaxation classes.

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currently writing for Midwifery Digest (SEPTEMBER )
2 years on, How has HypnoBirthing changed birth?
Post natal depression guidelines
Watford General Hospital working party