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Jennie Bolt
Parents & Teachers’ Facilitator

Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire      English

Mini Bio

Jennie’s teaching experience and coaching skills enable her to help people going through tough times – perhaps after a stressful break-up, or parents struggling to cope with children who have behavioural problems.


  • Contributing to parents and children's lives through f ifteen years teaching experience within both state and private education
  • Offering a unique blend of Life Coaching, Conscious Facilitating and Educational skills.
  • Qualified and experienced Executive Life Coach,Access Bars Facilitator,and Teacher


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Facilitating parents and teachers to assist with change of difficult repetitive behaviour patterns * Creating more choices and possibilities for you, your child or the children in your class and beyond * Clearing the way to overcome limitations * Dedicated and personalised one to one sessions for parents and for teachers -- Hello, I’m Jennie Bolt and I am a qualified teacher and Facilitator for all aspects of life that are not working for you, especially within the family and educational environment.Many clients come to me with a combination of frustration,tiredness and stress born out of dealing constantly with juggling time whilst coping with difficult repetitive behavioural and emotional problems. These repetitive often negative behaviour patterns create seemingly unending and time consuming situations which have an adverse effect on everyone involved. The effective language tools used by me can have dynamic results and often in a short time space.They will open up previously unseen possibilities, assist you in generating ways to discover more clarity and choices with ease and create ways for you to change things which offer a greater sense of ease whilst boosting the fun levels. Of course if this sounds like something you are looking for don't choose it unless you really know that you have had enough of how things are at present ! Oh yes and you may well find your energy levels go up and life is happier and more joyful for you and the people around you! If you perceive this is right for you, please do give me a call at Greatvine and we can begin today! A little of my background maybe of interest to you.I am a qualified teacher and have taught in the state and private sector schools for some fifteen years.Seeing a need for interactive life skills both in the classroom and beyond I decided to develop my expertise in this area. I qualified as an Executive Life Coach Practitionerin 2008, and Access Bars Facilitator in 2009. All of these I now blend together so I can assist you with your unique concerns as I have expert understanding of the pressures parents and teachers can face. Including the common feeling you are not winning whatever you do! What if there was no right or wrong here and its just about using some tools you haven' t tried before that will change a few things? You’ll find you can use them straight away and so begin immediately to eliminate any problems and concerns.How does it get any better than that? As you use them you’ll find more choices and possibilities for you and your children will show up. Is that something you'd like more of? I am happy to chat about which style of advice is going to work best for you. Why not send an email or give me a call at Greatvine today? Jennie


Diploma in Life Coaching
Noble Manhattan, 2008
Certificate in Education
Delegacy of Education Oxford, 1971


Bucks Education Authority, 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
My position was as a class teacher, whereby I teach all subjects to children from ages 4 - 13years. During these years I have had permanent posts in both the private and state sectors.Including Bucks Education Authority.The Beacon School Amersham.Maltman's Green School, Gerrards Cross.This has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge both in the emotional and learning areas of children.More recently as my focus has moved towards the personal and group coaching aspect, I have chosen supply teaching so I am more aware of the current challenges that children face in this ever changing world. Extra curricular activities.I have been invovlved in a number of these over the years. These include a gymn club and helping in school productions. Home tutoring courses boosting confidence in English and Maths and personal development.. Transition programmes - Tools on how to cope easily when moving from one school to another. Parent support. In my role as a teacher liasing with parents was an integral and enjoyable part of my work, and often enhanced their child's well being. Personal development has been part of my life for many years and so my coaching qualifications have meant I can do what I love doing- that is to encourage anyone,whatever the age, who is willing to discover the untapped sources of themselves

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