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Priya Tourkow
Relationship/sexual Therapist

Barnet, Greater London      English

Mini Bio

As a relationship and psychosexual therapist, Priya has over 15 years experience of helping people in all stages of a relationship. She works holistically and is extensively trained in Tantra.


  • dealing with all relationship and psycho-sexual problems, communication issues, affairs, lack of intimacy.


  • Over 15 years experience
  • Diploma in psychosexual and relationship counselling
  • Facilitating pioneering workshops on love and intimacy
  • Trained in Couples Encounter Based therapy
  • Certified Holistic Psychotherapist over 20 years
  • Trained in the sacred art of Tantra
  • Accredited with British Assoc. of Counselling and Psychotherapy


I am a Holistic Psychotherapist with a deep interest in relationship and sexual issues. I have over 15 years experience helping couples and individuals of all orientations and in all stages of relationship. Intimacy, sexuality, and emotions are deeply intertwined. My work touches all these levels, holistically, compassionately, and with a warm and practical approach. A deep connection, good communication and loving intimacy, are at the heart of what it means to be a contented couple. Even though you may feel as if your situation is difficult, embarrassing, or even frightening, you will discover ways to make real progress towards improved communication, loving intimacy and sexual enjoyment. The kinds of issues I work with are: Communication difficulties Relationship conflicts e.g. affairs Fear of intimacy Lack of sexual desire and libido Sexual problems (physical and emotional) Pain or difficulty with sexual intercourse Premature ejaculation Erectile problems Lack of orgasm Poor body image Low confidence and low self-esteem Sexual abuse Sexual addiction All these are sensitive and personal issues requiring respect, confidentiality and safety, which is always the context I offer my clients. I specialise in helping couples and individuals improve and maintain deeper, more loving and fulfilling relationships. I offer a mix of Couples Relationship Counselling and Psychosexual Therapy within a client-centred, holistic context. My approach draws on my psychotherapy background, extensive training in multiple modes of counselling and relationship theory, and my experiential “here and now” framework. I also have an in depth training in the sacred Art of Tantra and incorporate this into my style of working. My clients tell me I’m down-to-earth about relationship and sexual issues, helping them feel safe and accepted even in the midst of difficult conversations and feelings. I believe that intimacy is absolutely core to successful relationships – and that loving communication is central to solving almost every problem a couple may have. I feel deeply lucky and honoured to be doing this work at the very heart of what it means to be a human in relationship. It’s exciting to see my clients moving forward – and it’s moving to see hope in their faces instead of anguish!


Accreditaion with British Assocation of Counselling and Psychotherapy
BACP, 2012
Diploma in Relationship Counselling and Psy-sexual Therapy
COSRT, 2011
Certificate in Holistic Psychotherapy
Chiron Institute, 1997


Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Self Employed, 1998 -
15+ years of working with couples and individuals in private practice and workshops

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