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Ben Taylor
Education Adviser

St Cuthbert Out, Somerset      English

Mini Bio

Ben is careers adviser at the prestigious Wells Cathedral School. He specialises in helping students and parents understand how GCSE, AS and A-level choices can affect future plans and is hugely knowledgeable about university applications.


  • Former deputy head and acting head, St Paul’s School, London
  • Vast knowledge of all aspects of applying to university
  • 40 years teaching experience


I specialise in the careers implications of academic choices, ensuring that doors are not closed because of ill-informed choice; I also guide students and parents through every aspect of the UCAS application, and am able to give advice on Personal Statements and interview techniques. From time to time I am called upon to give talks and seminars, and have recently worked with Credit Suisse and UBS banks. -- I am currently Careers Adviser at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset. Before that I worked for many years at St Paul's School in London, as teacher of languages, Careers Adviser, Deputy Head, and Acting Head. In my present role I am responsible for guiding students and parents through the implications of choices leading to GCSE, AS and A-level, and help with all aspects of university applications from first thoughts to completed application. I am in close touch with admissions tutors at universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, am familiar with student finance, and with entrance requirements for overseas universities. I am also available to give help to students once they have started their courses. I can also help students plan their work experience, and, where appropriate, GAP years.

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