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Erin Kurt
Stress-Free Parenting Expert

Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead      English

Mini Bio

Parenting expert Erin helps working mums who struggle with overwhelm and guilt, and want to parent without raising their voice. She’s author of Juggling Family Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting.


  • Independent Stress Free Parenting Coach with international client list
  • Specialist author: "Juggling Family Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stress Free Parenting"
  • Consultant and corporate speaker: the Work/Life Balance, what children really want and stress reduction for parents
  • Regularly featured around the world on radio, parents’ websites, magazines and newspapers
  • Mindful Family Expert for the Mindful Living Network


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Help for Working Mums to balance work, life and family commitments * Unique Stress Free Parenting Coaching 3 Step System * Specialist 4 Step Discipline Technique for ‘control without the shouting’ * Custom Life Balance Formula Technique to allow mothers to nurture their entire well being -- Hello, my name’s Erin Kurt and I am an International Stress-free Parenting Coach for Working Mums. I help them to overcome the struggle with overwhelm, guilt and parenting without raising their voice. My motto is that stress free parenting is possible - and I love showing mothers how to achieve it! If you want new advice and expert tips for managing the Work/Life balance and being a ‘good mum’ to the children without the stress, I’m right here for you on the end of the line at Greatvine. I have two children of my own and for more than a decade I was a teacher for children aged from 3 years old right through to teenagers aged 15 and 16. I’ve also volunteered, teaching English to 10 to 18 year olds in a Brazilian orphanage; been a children’s mentor; and tutored children aged 6 to 16 in maths and Language Arts. I’ve drawn on all my experience, from home, work and volunteering to create a simple, 3-Step system. We’ll talk about the 3 areas you need to focus on to enjoy being a successful mum, partner and person. You’ll gain advice and techniques to help you know what to do when your child misbehaves, without resorting to shouting (and going through the horrible stress and guilt that can often follow it). I’ll tell you about the results of my 12 year global survey of what children truly want and need from their mothers. And then we’ll talk about how you can ensure you’re able to give your child what they want and need. The third step is to focus squarely on you. No-one can be a happy, calm and patient mum if their own needs are always somehow swept aside. I’ll help you to feed eight different important aspects of yourself every month, leaving you feeling more like you again. And less like you sometimes really want to change your name from ‘Mum’ to something the children haven’t learnt yet. I passionately believe that raising kids can be stress free, fun and rewarding and I’d like to help you get there. Give me a call at Greatvine and I’ll walk you through how my specialist system can leave you feeling less stressed, more like a whole person again and confident that you’re truly doing a great job. With my very best wishes for you and your family, Erin

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