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Kate Barlow
Parenting Consultant


Mini Bio

Kate’s a parent consultant who helps parents overcome everyday problems. With over 20 years childcare experience, she’s developed effective techniques for eating, sleeping, behaviour and toilet (potty) training.


  • Over 20 years professional childcare experience
  • Independent Parenting Consultant: 99% success rate
  • NNEB qualified nanny; previous schools, nurseries, and private families work


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Advice for families with many common childhood issues * Practical help for childhood eating problems * Techniques and methods for solving children’s sleeping problems * Advisor for many aspects of children’s behavioural issues * Expertise and effective methods for successful toilet training I regularly work on parenting forums offering advice and write parenting technique blogs for my own website and others. -- Hi, I’m Kate Barlow and I’m a Parenting Consultant helping families with many common - and sometimes seemingly unsolvable - childhood problems. From over two decades working in childcare as a qualified nanny, I have now developed techniques with a high success rate. I have 3 children of my own and I’m here as a telephone advisor at Greatvine to offer you support and advice based on my personal and professional experiences. Over the years, I’ve worked with many families and many children. In particular, I’ve developed specialist techniques to help you with eating problems, sleeping problems, behaviour issues and toilet or potty training. My aim is to equip you with these techniques and the confidence to overcome everyday issues. It gives me great pleasure to share these methods with you, always developing them to suit different children and parenting styles. I’ll understand and empathise with you on a personal and professional level, aiming to be clear, concise and coherent in my advice. I’ll help bring the text book methods to life, tailoring expert techniques to suit your style as a parent and your children. I’ll get to know your needs as a family I can follow up with systematic written guides to tackle the particular issues you need to solve, including what to do and say. I’ll talk to you about which methods you’ve tried and for how long you’ve tried them. I’ll also discuss which bits of a method work for you - and which didn’t. Often I’ve had success with children whose parents feel they have tried everything and nothing has worked. By talking the issue through in detail and guiding you through a technique, you’ll gain the confidence to be consistent. I’ve found that this way some amazing results can be achieved. For example, I have worked with parents of children who have been trying to solve toilet training for a year or more and within weeks of my guidance support and advice they have managed to fully toilet train their child. I’ve also had some very positive results with my other specialist areas: eating problems, sleeping problems and behavioural issues. On the other hand, if none of these represent your particular problems, I’m still here with a wealth of professional experience and advice for many other childhood issues. Whatever you need to solve, I’m here for you as a calm, expert advisor just a phone call away. So please do give me a call, I’d love to help you and your children today, Kate


OXFORD , 1992

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