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Julia Woodman
Well-being Consultant, Coach

Dorking, Surrey      English

Mini Bio

A nutritional therapist, life coach, counsellor, stress consultant, & writer. Julia helps you heal & resolve any issues, cope with change, or achieve goals. Inc nutrition, meditation, relationships, communication, empowerment, creativity.


  • Total Holistic WELL-BEING (emotional, physical, and core self). I am interested in offering support with overall health & wellbeing.
  • LIFE Coaching (logical - helping you to achieve goals)
  • Empowerment & SELF ESTEEM (a boost to enable you to flourish)
  • STRESS Management (including private & businesses workshops)
  • NUTRITIONAL Therapist - Assessments & Personalised Plans. EMAIL programmes available.
  • RELATIONSHIPS & Communication (let go of fears & build the joy)
  • Parenting (helping you & your FAMILY thrive)
  • Personal Development TOOLS to make it easy (including guides by email, BOOKS, and workshops)
  • MEDITATION, Visualisations, Affirmations, and great Quotes (including guides by email, and workshops). Personalised Meditations can be Created.
  • Counselling & Inspiration (including FAMILIES, YOUTH work, wellbeing)
  • CREATIVE Writing, Poetry, Art (including schools and other group work).
  • Writing the first NOVEL of a compelling series with a unique overall concept.
  • WRITE articles & blogs for several websites in UK & USA.
  • Consciousness & Philosophy - YOU, and the wider picture (including guides by email, and workshops)


  • Published Writer, Philosopher, Artist. Online Articles, and Books. Poetry collections & magazines worldwide; Creative Writing Tutor; Poetry & Art Editor; professional Poet for Schools & Festivals. Founder & Organiser of Festival & Events.
  • Expert TV & Radio appearances in UK & USA (some as Writer and some as Therapist); Qualified in Stress Management, Healing, Counselling, Life Coaching, Nutrition, and to work in Schools.
  • Experienced with children & young people as well as with adults:- Special Needs & Classroom Assistance (Junior Schools); Personal Advisor to Care Leavers & other Young People in Need (16 to 25): Youth Forum leader & Service User Involvement Champion; Family and group work; Carer for Autistic & Disabled Adults, Healing Centre Chairperson, and regional committee roles.
  • Founder of 'Back to The Garden' supporting local & global communities, and of 'Radiance Solutions' for Total Well-being.
  • Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Available for live chats some Tuesdays & most Thursdays 12noon-5pm and 8pm-11pm, but sometimes also at other varied times on other days. I specialize in: * Helping others to Write (within the scope of my own experience). Was Creative Writing Tutor at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds. Many publications, plus Poetry Readings, Talks, Workshops around UK & USA, inc schools. Poetry & Art editor. * Nutrition * Holistic Wellbeing & Personal Development including Self Esteem & Empowerment, Communication, Balance & Perspective, Consciousness, Inspiration & Joy. * Advice for Families & Support for Parents of Children and Teenagers. * Counselling and Advice for Relationships including positive Couples work, Sensuality & Sexuality, Communication, & Mediation. * Practical Stress Busting Advisor & Consultant, including workshops for businesses, and Meditation guidance for all ages. * Help to plan or cope with change including careers, studies, work-life balance, lifestyle, finances & budgeting, paying off debt, stress & relaxation, fitness, sleep problems, health issues (including cancer), relationship & sexual issues, emotional intelligence, change of status (eg redundancy or transitions into adulthood), identity & belonging, addictions, changing habits or patterns of behaviour, overcoming blocks that stop you from moving forward, preparing for exams or public appearances, communication & confidence building. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have always loved both WRITING, and helping others. Growing up in the mountains of South Africa, then travelling, I spent a lot of time enjoying the wild spaces and contemplating the nature and meaning of things. This was where my writing & philosophy started, and it soon progressed to consider people's relationships with themselves, each other, and the world around us, and I got myself trained to help more. I also got a lot of useful experience over the years. Apart from having a lot of my poetry & art published around the world, and editing both a poetry & art, and an environmental magazine, I now also write (and illustrate) personal development articles and books, and offer advice & support via the phone & email. I write about Holistic Health, Individual & Family Wellbeing, Social & Community Wellbeing, Personal & Global Consciousness, Personal & Spiritual Development, Meditation, Stress Management, Sense & Perception, Creativity & Creative Writing, Fun, Inspiration, Philosophy, Environment, Sustainability, Evolution, Communication, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Relationships, Coping with Change, etc. I also write short stories & novels. I regularly share quotes, art, and other stuff on Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. I've been focusing on Counselling, Life Coaching & Writing NEW books of late. Also Personal Development Guides available via my website. Life Coaching forms and guidance are here if you wish to help yourself plan (includes advice on working out what it is you want to do in the first place in case you are not sure - Now qualified Nutritional Therapist - offering Nutritional Assessments and Personalised Plans to Optimise Health or help alleviate symptoms. My CRB/DBS checks are kept up to date, and I am a Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Nutritional Therapist
The Health Sciences Academy, 2015
Thai Foot Massage
London Therapists, 2011
Life Coach
Newcastle College / Fiona Harold wrote the course, 2005
Stress Consultant
BSY alongside Counselling course, 2004
Advanced Counselling Skills (inc with families & children)
BSY, 2004
NFSH (now the Healing Trust), 2002
NVQ3 for Workers in Schools
WEA & Open College Network – In Yorkshire School, 1998


I served in several committee roles with the NFSH (Healing Trust), and Chaired a large group for 2 years. I've demonstrated a Healing session on TV, and worked as a Healer in hospitals and other centres - - I also did an apprenticeship with my brother as a Diviner, primarily for water, but this skill can also be used to find out many other things -
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