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Kathy Lewis
Consultant Travel Nutritionist & Health Promotion Specialist

Ilford, Greater London      English

Mini Bio

Kathy’s a consultant travel nutritionist who specialises in practical advice for professionals whose jobs involve travelling. She also enjoys helping families who want to go on holiday abroad who wish to enjoy safe and healthy food.


  • Honorary Secretary: Institute of Health Promotion and Education
  • Founding board member for the UK’s Association for Nutrition
  • Consulting editor and contributor to various professional journals and popular Magazines.


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Professional advice for executives when travelling on business who need to maintain peak work performance * Practical advice for parents when travelling with young children on how to avoid tummy upsets and easy food choices * Help with eating out on a restricted calorie intake or with special dietary needs. -- Hello, I’m Kathy Lewis and I’ve been a registered Nutritionist, Health Promotion Specialist and Management Consultant for over 20 years. I specialise in practical advice for business executives who need to travel as part of their working lives. I’m also here to support your family when travelling aboard and avoid the dreaded tummy bug syndrome! Whether your needs are professional or for your family, give me a call at Greatvine today for some expert help. I have been a Consultant Nutritionist, Management Consultant and Health Promotion Specialist for the last 20 years. I began my career as a qualified Nutritionist advising business executives on healthy eating, and supporting families through practical advice and classes on healthy eating. I specialised in running classes for busy executives, one to one consultations, alongside writing eating out guides for busy executives with special dietary needs. I was also a spokesperson on eating out in the UK in local and national media, and wrote articles for consumer and professional publications. I began to understand the strain of working as an executive in much more detail after I completed my Masters in Business (MBA). I’d begun working in industry as a Management Consultant specialising in employee engagement, LEAN communications and marketing, travelling to various business locations every week. I applied my experiences in business and long consulting hours with heavy deadlines to gain a distinction for research on executive stress and maladaptive behaviours while completing a Masters in Applied Psychology and Health Promotion. Since this, I have had two of my own children and continue to consult in business communications, executive well-being and health promotion initiatives for families and children. And having been an extremely busy constantly multitasking professional myself, I am in the perfect position to pass my skills onto others. In addition to advising CEO’s, Chairman and City Directors both in management consultancy and health, I have also sat on a number of boards ranging from financial services to professional institutes, providing a Non-Executive perspective from business management to health promotion and nutrition. With 20 years of experience, I now enjoy the combination of consulting in all three disciplines, both at an individual and corporate level, combining travelling, public speaking and writing. I’m also here to help you prepare for your family holiday abroad. Nobody wants to spend their time coping with the children’s tummy bug or their own upset stomach. Good food choices to prevent hungry young ones when travelling is also essential for a happy trip. My expert advice is now available over the phone for all your business travel and holiday needs. Contact me at Greatvine and we can chat about practical ways that travel can have a positive impact on your peak performance when away on business. We can run through your schedule, plan your travel nutrition and look at what options there are to support you and/or your families’ health when travelling aboard. With my best regards, Kathy

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