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Dilys Morgan
Agony Aunt & Relationship Specialist

Wooburn, Buckinghamshire      English

Mini Bio

An experienced Agony Aunt, relationship expert and life coach, Dilys specialises in dating, relationships, sexual problems, overcoming lonliness, lack of confidence and shyness, depression, eating disorders and self-harm.


  • Relationship advice and guidance, online and face-to-face counselling, life-skills advice


  • Over two decades experience as a qualified person-centred counsellor and popular Agony Aunt
  • Has helped people of all ages from all walks of life move on from difficulties to live more fulfilling lives
  • Founded one of the first ever Online Counselling Services for young people, and more recently


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Relationships - all aspects - from friendship ( making and keeping friends) to finding a life partner, solving and resolving relationship issues between couples, families, in-laws etc., ending abusive relationships, building on relationships to make them stronger, finishing a relationship kindly. * Comprehensive parenting advice from dealing with toddler temper tantrums to making the most of the teenage years and managing family relationships * Advisor for parents, children and young people on separation, divorce and bereavement * Constructive insights and strategies for eating disorders and self-harming with particular regard to the impact on family relationships * Counselling for women and men to leave abusive relationships -- Hello, I’m Dilys Morgan and I’m a qualified counsellor and experienced ‘Agony Aunt’. For more than 20 years now I’ve been a specialist advisor to advising people from all walks of life. I've helped people with problems from depression, to divorce and other relationship issues as well as parenting problems and teenage anxieties. By good, careful listening, I help people find their own unique solutions to a really wide variety of life's problems. As an early pioneer of online counselling, I've been hugely impressed with how much can be achieved through a few email exchanges. So try me! Over the years, I've helped people get over abuse in childhood, recover from eating disorders, depression, lack of confidence, shyness, abusive relationships, family difficulties, addictions, self-harm, bullying, sibling rivalry - and many others. I have experience of helping parents of toddlers to teenagers, young people worried about parental separation or divorce, and those suffering bereavement. I've worked with young people who self harm. I’ve helped women struggling to leave abusive relationships, and people lacking in confidence once they find themselves single again. I've helped countelss young people overcome shyness and lack of confidence and develop fruitful relationships; and I've guided many young people through their first sexual relationships; I've also helped people who were sexually abused in childhood to deal with their worst memories and work through the feelings they're left with. I’m here to provide vital support for all these issues. A completely fresh perspective can be useful; it's often the case that we don't always fully understand our own feelings so finding the right person to be a sounding board can bring them properly into focus for us. So I specialise in putting myself in your shoes for a really good understanding of how you feel, holding your hand and walking alongside you as you make your own journey. Whatever problems you’d like expert support for, I’ll be delighted to help you at With my warmest wishes, Dilys

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