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Lisa Parkes
Child Coach

West Molesey, Surrey      English

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Lisa’s a child coach who specialises in helping children with self-esteem and self-confidence. Her expertise includes decision making, forming healthy relationships, handling pressure, assertiveness and developing good values and a positive attitude towards life.


  • Coaching
  • Child Coaching
  • Marketing


  • Qualified & highly experienced Child Coach
  • Development of own specialist creative toolkit including games, music interpretation, activities, quizzes and role play
  • Volunteer Mentor for The Youth Consortium Surrey to motivate and support 14-16 year olds who are struggling with life
  • Founder of 'Superkids'
  • Helped children overcome their fear in relation to exams, public speaking, being bullied and making new friends


I'm an expert who specialises in: * Building self esteem, self belief, and self confidence for children aged from 7 - 15 years * Advisor on developing children’s skills to focus on decision making * Techniques for children to form healthy relationships and feel secure when meeting new people * Help for children to handle times of more pressure * Advice to foster your child’s self respect, ability to be assertive, developing good values, and discovering their talents in life -- Hi, I’m Lisa Parkes and I’m a fully qualified, experienced Child Coach who believes in helping kids feel great from the inside out. I help children to develop stronger self- confidence, working with clients aged from 7 right through to 15 years old. I’m now available as a telephone advisor here at Greatvine, for expert advice on developing and improve many vital life skills for your child. I personally suffered with low self esteem when I was growing up, so quite naturally have empathy in abundance for children. I seem to intuitively know in an instant what they need to feel OK about themselves. These days I’m a specialist for self confidence and self belief in teens, aiming to help make growing up that little bit easier. My working method is always fun and different. To begin to get the best out of your child includes creativity, games, music interpretation, activities, quizzes and fun role plays. My advice and support focuses on providing a very clear sense of self - for a very specific purpose. When we know who we are and what we want, we are solid in our foundations. That makes dealing with life's little hiccups a great deal easier. I’m also here for kids to add to the life skills toolkit their friends and families have already given them - because sometimes we don't always listen to the people we love when they are trying to help us. I can work to equip your child with skills to make new friends and start new relationships in a safe and healthy way. This includes meeting new people. Your child may need support to focus better on decision making, or you could need advice on supporting them for times when there is more pressure in their lives, for example, when they’re changing schools, sitting exams or handling important changes within family life. I believe cultivating self esteem and self belief is extremely important, and expert help here can form a valuable platform for developing a healthy level of self respect. I’m also here to enable you to discover your child’s passion, their talents, finding out what they’re good at in life. As a Child Coach, I am committed to helping your child to feel good about themselves in a healthy, positive way. As a telephone advisor at Greatvine, I’m here to share my toolkit of specialist techniques to make all this a tangible reality for you. With my best wishes for you and your family, Lisa

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