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Susan Kersley
Life Coach for Doctors

Sancreed, Cornwall      English

Mini Bio

As a retired doctor, I have valuable insights into stress and overwhelm experienced by medics. I help doctors find a Prescription for Change as a way forward to deal with their challenges so they can have a life in or out of Medicine.


  • Coaching doctors
  • Personal development
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Motivation and support for doctors
  • Wordpress web sites
  • Self publishing
  • Supporting doctors who want to leave Medicine
  • Enabling doctors to have better work life balance and less stress


  • 14 years experience coaching doctors
  • Trained and highly experienced as a counsellor, personal development advisor, Life Coach and NLP practitioner
  • 30 years experience as a doctor; married to a surgeon


Hello, I’m Susan Kersley and I’m a highly experienced Life Coach for Doctors. I specialise in: * Working with doctors who want have better work life balance * Advice and support for stressed doctors * Encouragement for doctors who want to feel less stressed * Coaching and support for doctors considering leaving medicine * Coaching doctors whether currently in or out of the medicine I work with doctors, in or out of the medical profession, and those contemplating leaving it before or at expected retirement. With 30 years experience as a practising doctor plus being married to a surgeon, I have valuable insights into the stress and overwhelm that many doctors experience in their day to day working lives. You can chat to me for expert and empathetic support, with gentle suggestions to help you find your own solutions. I started coaching doctors fourteen years ago, after retiring from the medical profession, looking for change due to the pressures of work. As a doctor I’d enjoyed communicating one to one with patients, so I was naturally attracted to working in a similar way. I especially wanted to work with doctors, so many of whom seem to spend little time with friends and family or on their own self care. My own career and life experiences mean that I have valuable insights into the stress and pressure that doctors experience often. I have trained in counselling and personal development and then added Coaching and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to my skill set. When I work as a Life Coach for Doctors, I’m very aware of the difference in how I approach clients in contrast to how I would work with someone in the medical context. Instead of prescriptive suggestions, I’ll enable you to find the best solutions within your unique situation by asking challenging questions and making gentle suggestions. You may or may not want to take up my suggestions, but overall I’ll help you find your own way forward to deal with your challenges. Understanding the medical world means I can empathise with your experiences, having something of a more ‘inside’ perspective of the demands of the profession on you. I also understand how challenging and scary the prospect of leaving the medical profession can be. You might be looking for specialist help or advice at the time of your expected retirement, or earlier in your life when looking for a change of direction and would like to be able to talk to someone who can be a 'sounding board' for your ideas. I’m here to support you at any stage of your medical career, and enable you to find your very own Prescription for Change. If you’re looking to feel happier with your work life balance, your self-care or looking for clarity around leaving medicine, finding time to enjoy life as well as working as a doctor, I’d be delighted to provide you with some expert support. Susan Kersley


Zetetic, 2007
Life Coach
CoachU, 1999
MEd - Pschodynamic counselling
Birmingham University, 1996
Welsh National School of Medicine, 1967


You can change
Self Employed, 1999 - Present
Life Coaching
Medical practitioner
NHS, 1967 - 1997
Doctor in Community Health and Genito-urinary medicine

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