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Nigel & Jenny Heath
Relationship Coaches

Totton, Hampshire      English

Mini Bio

Nigel and Jenny work together as a couple to help couples. Particulary around arguments. Their website contains many articles and resources to help couples sort out their own differences.


  • NLP Master Practitioners
  • Clean Language Facilitatiors
  • Argument Busters
  • Co-coaches


  • One couple workshop facilitators: fast track change to heal relationship problems
  • Both married for the second time with four grown up children
  • Understanding the impact on couples of teenagers; step-parenting issues & sibling rivalry


We’re experts who specialise in: * Arguments (including those that endlessly repeat) * Advice on spotting communication & thinking patterns causing relationship problems * Resolving issues due to ‘relationship baggage’ or ‘family baggage’ * Expert advisors on reaching a genuine understanding * Useful skills & techniques to support you in your real-life relationship -- Hello, we’re Nigel & Jenny Heath and we work exclusively in Relationship Coaching, helping couples re-kindle the magic in their relationship. We work with your unique relationship to identify the strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth at your disposal. Our approach is non-judgemental and inclusive. We know how easy it is to upset the person closest to you. We help you by identifying the patterns in your communication and thinking styles. We’ll provide you with achievable ways to reach real understanding together. Whether you’re having some communication issues, having some serious relationship problems or feeling like walking out of the door, get in touch with us here via the chat window or by sending us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We are both married for the second time and have been together since 1991. Between us we have four grown up children, two each from our previous marriages. So you can rest assured we have a very deep understanding of the pressures of step-parenting, sibling rivalry and teenagers on your own relationship. Our specialist area within Relationship Coaching is workable advice on how to tackle arguments. And that includes those kind of arguments that seem to endlessly repeat themselves! You know, the ones you’ve had so many times before. Going over and over the same themes without seeming to ever resolve anything. You might want expert support to deal with some ‘relationship baggage’ that one or both of you are carrying. Or there may be issues that crop up due to a previous relationship one or both of you has had before. Sometimes these can stem from ‘family baggage’ - the ways you interacted and perhaps still interact with your own respective families. Our aim is to provide you with fresh learning opportunities and highlight where your different styles of ‘thinking’ are causing misunderstandings between you. We’ll also look at your communication styles and give you a wealth of tried and tested techniques for you to apply in your everyday life together. Every couple is of course utterly unique and therefore we believe there is no one easy fix solution for every single relationship. It may help you greatly to have some specialist input from people like us who are quite outside the situation. So please, do call or email us here to find out how you could improve your relationship through understanding it more. We look forward to helping you both, Nigel & Jenny

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