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How do I find a Guru?

Search: This is the best way to find the right Guru for you. Use the search box at the top-right of the screen and type in a subject (‘breastfeeding’), a Guru’s name (‘Geraldine’) or a few words. Click on the topic that interests you if you'd prefer to browse.

How do I contact a Guru?

If your chosen Guru is listed as available, you will see 'Chat Now' beside their profile. Simply click on the box and you can start chatting. If the Guru is offline you can send a message requesting a chat or check the Guru's "office hours" and contact them then.

How can I check if a Guru is suitable for me before contacting them?

Every Guru has a detailed profile, which includes an introduction from the Guru and the Guru's qualifications and experiences. It is free of charge to chat with a Guru so you can speak to as many as you like!

Are chats and emails confidential?

With LiveGuru, all calls and emails are strictly confidential. For more details see our site rules [link here]

How can I access the Gurus' articles?

All articles are completely free of charge and can be accessed in the Articles tab within the relevant topic section.

What happens if I want to chat with an online Guru and they’re busy?

If the Guru is busy helping another site user, you can choose to receive a message as soon as they become available or arrange a time to speak to them.

Where can I leave feedback for a Guru?

After your chat you will receive an email from your Guru including a link to your chat and another link to rate and leave feedback.

I'd like advice in a topic which currently isn't listed on LiveGuru

We are recruiting new Gurus every week, in a wide range of subjects. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, please let us know We’ll try to find a Guru for you!